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Testing results for Damage Calc [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-4-12 02:30:37 |Show all posts
Edited by Ske1etor at 2015-4-12 05:27

Turty2 did some tests and:

So, it would seem the calc for damage is:
(keep in mind that these values are then subject to defence
and other things that will lower dmg)

Card's Atk
*norm dmg buffs summed (1+.13+.12+.11+.10 = 1.46 max)
*elemental buffs summed (1+.75+.65+.60+.55 = 3.55 max)
*coverfire/phalanx (1+.27 max)
*UA/NQ (1.8 or 1.95 max)
*elemental (dis)advantage (.70 if disadvantange, 1.3 if adv, and 1.0 ofc if neither)
*Opp.Boon boost - and only if u have element adv (1.6 max)

I would then imagine any active skills like Frenzy totem would be multiplied in at
the current total calc of that equation. (* 1.9 max for Ftotem during duration)
And for, say, Conflag (+260% or *3.6 for that 1 atk)
This was tested a decent amount, but not above making mistakes.

For next section: halfDefToAtkRatio = .5*defense/Atk  ~that is assuming the person was correct that told me Atk - Def/2 = dmg landed. If you have damage recieving in mind, I'd imagine that would work similarly to above, but after the recievers defence can adjust the incoming atk: (Incoming atk *(1 - halfDefToAtkRatio) * (1 - .10 - .13 - .14 - .15) for example: "shield, ward all, defend, demonic pact (so * .48 w/ all 4 at max)" ...and then the other catagories as a seperate multiplication of thier sums subracted from 1.
If Flight or someone in the know could give some thoughts, that would be fantastic.

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Post time 2015-4-13 01:54:59 |Show all posts
Edited by Feanyar at 2015-4-12 18:57

That formula is flawed in several ways. Didnt bother to test it with cover fire, boon etc yet, but it should look more like:

(baseAttack * (1 + normalBuffsSummed + elementalBuffsSummed) - Def / 2) * elemental(dis)advantage

EDIT: Results from prelim. tests in mare today attached.
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Post time 2015-4-13 15:46:07 |Show all posts
Very interesting! I hope more people with math skills can contribute

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Post time 2015-4-14 22:34:57 |Show all posts
Edited by Ske1etor at 2015-4-14 23:27

Thanks for taking the time to do some testing Fean. Though... I'm not sure I'd say it's flawed in Several ways...  appears to be just combining the  NormDmgBuff sums with the ElementalDmgBuff sums instead of 2 separate multiplications, and moving the Elemental disadvantage till after the defense/attack ratio is calc'ed (and with the verdict still out on some of the other aspects of the out going atk.. CF, NQ, UA, Boon...)

with your chart values:
1 - (.5 * 9398 / 18504) = .746  (74.6% of the attack or 25.4% reduction)
18504 * .746 * .7 = 9663  = the same as your theoretical using (atk - def / 2) * elemental disadvantage
.7 being 70% b/c of the 30% elemental Disadvantage
~different math but gets you to the same place. I just wanted to be able to see the reduction that def. offers as a ratio/%

Sometime I'll try to run some tests as well to get a second run of testing

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