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Improving shops - suggestions [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-4-13 16:03:04 |Show all posts
I've wasted over 1000g on resets on the past days to get the things i want but i got no good results from it.

There are many different things we can purchase from the shops:
  • Cards
  • Equipment shards
  • Devil Blood
  • Augment Shards

Farming a specific card, equipment, DB or shard it's quite harder now. I suggest some options to Spicy improve the shops:

  • Create a Shard-only shop. It may have two currencies, Virago and Honor, accordingly to the item itself. The shop may be or not in a new shard farming area.
  • Increase the number of shop slots or a new shop page dedicated for shards only. The addition of shards took away some precious slots. I do not ask for more card or equipment slots. The way it was before was fine. This suggestion simply adds the shards to new slots instead.
  • Let it be the way it is, but add two more daily shop resets (reset in every 6 hours).

What do you guys think? Do you have any more suggestions about this?

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Post time 2015-4-13 16:19:11 |Show all posts
Well, I guess that Guilds will bring new shop and currency. Hence, I don't see chance of yet another shop or any changes to existing ones coming before 2.5 happens and after it comes your idea will have to be probably re-examined.

But I agree there should be a place where we can buy all the shards (including ones dropped from quests and in particular ones from raids). Also, existing shops could use one or 2 extra cards slots, because with new cards added recently, our chances to get what we want have dropped yet again.

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Post time 2015-4-13 23:52:21 |Show all posts
Shikao replied at 2015-4-13 09:19
Well, I guess that Guilds will bring new shop and currency. Hence, I don't see chance of yet another ...

I couldnt agree more. Both that a new shop before Guilds go live is highly unlikely and that we def. need more cardslots in arena/mare.

What happened, is exactly what we discussed (and feared) in a previous thread[1]:

While the transition in arenashop from 2 slots including SR to one slot without SRs was a miniscule improvement, with the addition of more cards the odds of actually seeing the UR you hunt will get worse than with the old system. Well, 4 more URs were added into arenashop and here we go. The "improvement" back then turn out to make the situation worse than before - as predicted. q.e.d.

It was already truly painful before. Now, with the addition of 7(!) more cards into shops, the odds of seeing what you seek just dropped even further.
Really, SH? This is no fun. While I do approve of more cards being released into the shops (where are the old arena-monthly URs except WWWB?), these odds are becoming ridiculous. I want to play and earn stuff! Not sitting on heaps of virago without ever seeing what I want. Thats a question of motivation for players... but oh... well, I already explained that here (Point C). Im not gonna repeat myself again.

While arena is borderline acceptable (currently) we do need a 3rd cardslot in mare badly! You dont think so? Just a little food of thought:
I started hunting Tefnut around new year (western). I didn't miss even one. We have mid-April, I have 7 Tefnuts.
I started hunting Lamia mid-January as tertiary target. I missed one. We have mid-April. I have 3 Lamias.
I started hunting Terasaur few weeks ago, since my virago was piling up. I have zero Teras.

Since I started playing in early-Dec. I managed to complete one card from Isla Mare: Molten. That took me about 3(!) months. Back then I felt unlucky. Today, looking at my Lamia&Tefnut quota (both in the same slot as Molten) and the further and further decreasing odds I should've considered myself lucky.
And its not even my fault that I cant get em completed. I play daily, check shop refreshs 2x per day, clear mare etc. I have enough virago to complete both Lamia and Tefnut right off the bat now. I did my job as a player - now it's all about waiting... waiting... waiting...

This is one of the reasons why the player numbers seems to drop.
Tokay, you said in this thread that TheGate is a big success for you guys and recieved alot of love from the community after we heard about the troubles you guys at SH have. Dont ruin this success by ignoring the problems that exist!

[1] I wanted to include the link but couldnt find it. And using search, I got a nice "Userlvl 4 isnt enough to perform this action"... wtf? m(

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Post time 2015-4-14 07:30:33 |Show all posts
Yeah, I have 5 Terasaur and haven't seen one in over a month. We could really use an extra card slot in both mare and arena shops.

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Post time 2015-4-14 09:47:07 |Show all posts
I don't feel like it's asking for much, to ask for one MAYBE even two, cause players shouldn't feel this reluctant to having more cards released in the shops.

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Post time 2015-4-14 17:23:53 |Show all posts
I honestly believe the reset time should be reduced from 12 hours to 6. That is a simple temporary fix that would help without messing up the code. It's just a change on a variable.

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Post time 2015-4-14 19:58:55 |Show all posts
Please move this topic to the Chains of Darkness forum.  SH doesn't respond to anything we say in The Gate forums.  May have better luck over there.....

.... but seriously... sorta...

1] ADD A SPOT TO ARENA STORE FOR CARDS ... I mean this is just plain silly now.. its the reason I am getting Fallen Cardea over King O ... because I KNOW I will have FC this month.. King O ... I dunno... 3.. 4... 5 months? I have yet to see him.

2] Any hint, update, feedback on guilds?  I understand your resource limitations.. but a bit of feedback and update for the player base would be fantastic.

3] If (and when) the new guild setup has a guild store that will off set the current Arena/Mare store bottleneck, can you just toss us a heads up like "it will get better with Guild store" .. hang in there! ?

I personally don't support the reset every 6 hours.  I would prefer the extra card slot.  I just can't get on the game that often as I am at work for 8-9 hours a day.  I play multiple times a day... but can't do much more than I already do...

... anyways.. here is hoping for feedback/comments from SH... *holds breath*

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Post time 2015-4-16 01:59:01 |Show all posts
What's so funny is that... they make the cards available in Arena/IM shops and then place one slot that reset every 12 hours... and how many cards are available current - roughly 10-13 cards in each shop... good luck getting one... I've been trying to collect Befafes for awhile now... stuck @ 6/8 - I give up at this point

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