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Beta 1.5 Patch Notes  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update

(Patching Complete)

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained the beta 1.5 patch.

The game server will be down for a little while today (Wednesday, December 19th) during the patch process. If all goes as planned, the update should be complete before midday the same day. If that plan changes, we’ll update you here.

Beta Patch 1.5

General changes
  • A tutorial mission is now available for new characters.
  • Summon Ally System is now active – click the empty portrait under your character info in the HUD to open a list of other player’s characters you can summon from the karma void as a companion.

  • Spirit Helper effects have been adjusted. They now scale with base stat increases where applicable.
  • Character Select list features more information.
  • More passive status effects are now represented as icons next to the player portrait.
  • User interface feedback and minor layout improvements.
  • The mystery man in blue now haunts his much maligned remains...

Enemy changes:
  • New enemy variants added for the tutorial mission.
  • Ranged Enemy attacks should sync better with their animations.

Item changes:
  • Elemental resistance and attacks should now register correctly.
  • Fixed some items with effects that were stacking incorrectly.

Ability changes:
  • Mastery Training is now available. Choose to train in passive effects that activate depending on the weapons and armor you choose to equip.
  • Work on the new level 2 and 3 abilities continues, providing more options for character development.
  • Several bugs with health stealing abilities and effects have been fixed.
  • Some ability effects were stacking infinitely. This has been addressed.

Mission Specific:
  • Further collision fixes across multiple missions.
  • Repositioned chests and breakables that were near edge of play areas so they can be reached by player more easily.
  • Found a chest that fell out of the level in Shigemori River: Rotten Core.

Sound & Graphics
  • Characters portraits have been improved and expanded.
  • Improved cursor visibility.

What’s Next?
We’ll be following up with another patch featuring some further fixes before the Christmas weekend.

With major new additions come new bugs! Get in there and help us nail them to the wall.

Happy Hunting!

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I'm not sure what u guys did...but there's a VERY significant increase in graphic performance! Good job!!
Really glad about that improvement, keep it up! There's still quite a number of bugs need addressing but keep the performance like that!

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i have no manareg anymore, and the spirit summon button works, but i cant summon someone,and its now a bit laggy . greetz

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I just saw this pop up in my e-mail. It looks really interesting.

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unfortunately, the it's back to "normal".....

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i like it so much

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