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Event advantage doubling in Cost [Copy link]

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Hi all,

FIRST of all I would like to ask everyone to bare in mind this is not a thread or location for rantinga and railing against SH etc, so please do not!

I bring this here to discuss with my peers and SH if they would like to:

Status: The amount of rewards given during an event, brackets for rewards, and cost of advantage equipment - among other things - are mainly a function of *supply and demand in the market.*  (I left lots out but that is the gist!!)

For me if you sell 40 Event equipments/event at 10,000 gold, that would not be as good economically as selling 100 Event equips at 5,000?
If more money is needed, raising the cost without neccessarily raising the intrinsic value of an object (SR shards don't do that imo, they are more a bonus) would not bring in more money, as I'm sure the sales numbers will show over the coming events (even if an OP equip is presented  which we all love to see btw!!)

I would like to make a suggestion, based on what has already been done with the box Ie the addition of 21 SR shards that I feel would encourage far more spending on EVENT EQUIPS...by far more players over a sustained period of time, resulting in more money for SH

Firstly hahah yes reduce it back down to 5k (for me, its a matter of principle tbh I would not pay 10k for Event equip just my opinion)

Secondly: Keep the SR shards and possbily increase the number to 40... 4 x10 random SR (which would encourage collectors to spend of extra shards in shops etc) and help with the deficiency in Equipment the game currently has.

My suggestion
Event equip box = 5k gold;  10 event shards/ 40 SR shards/ 50 R shards

Do players disagree with me and or would they buy what I'm talking about when they would not buy a 10k box at present?  
IGN: Feastonfools

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Post time 2015-4-28 18:52:56 |Show all posts
My understanding of what SH has presented is that the price IS rising, and will stay there. This is subject to User Acquisition, but with steam arriving, and being cheaper, I think that might be tough.

My first suggestion would be as you say, keep it at 5k. But eh.

Option 2) Remove the SR, and instead include what I guess would be classified as UR? shards. By this i mean old event equipment. It costs an awful lot in the free shops. And it's getting power creeped away. But of course it's better than SR gear, and is usable for sure.

My suggestion: Event Equip Box = 10k gold: 10 event shards/ 70-80 R shards / 10-20 UR shards (assuming that's enough for 1-2 items, and that those UR shards are fixed so that whole items can be created. Ie 10 fury helm shards)

The problem I see with a 10k box is that that's a serious investment. For that $ a player wants an investment, not a short-term fix. (a relevant island event would need to go abover 880K EP i believe based on my maths, to make the advantage value-for-money at 10K gold) If players can get worthwhile old equip for that price too, it help makes the package more usable, and easier to justify paying for.

Option 3) A compromise, say 7.5K and no more rings! Please see list of listening for rings comments

In direct response to OP. I would not buy a 10k box at present unless I was 1) definitely doing the event 2) the item was amazing and 3) i felt safe in the knowledge i could equip it well, and not regret it (here's looking at you and your cudgel of dread befa, while lovely longinus wastes away in inventor. I don't personally value SR shards at all, especially when there isnt enough to forge a whole item. There is just too little creep from r3 to SR equipment in my opinion to justify gold. So for me, more SR shards don't help unless the box price comes down AND the shard #s come up.

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Edited by Webby at 2015-4-28 18:02


Actually they are offering 21 x 1 shards of SR at the moment ( i think it works out to be 7 shards x 3 items)....so you would need 30 shards for one SR item.
In your idea you would have 10-20 UR shards when you need 50 shards to make 1 piece of equip

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Post time 2015-4-28 19:58:29 |Show all posts
Webby replied at 2015-4-28 11:00

Actually they are offering 21 x 1 shards of SR at the moment ( i think it works out to be 7  ...

Should have been clearer then. I meant whatever number of shards is required to make a whole piece of equip. Only example I could think of is fury helm. Which is 10 pieces to complete

So for 10k you get 1 complete advantage item, and 1-2 old advantage items. I guess it would work with 0/50s like ppuss tho, just remove more R3 shards from the box.

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Post time 2015-4-28 20:01:08 |Show all posts
First : I m for "pay to play" not for "pay to buy"
Second : 10 000 Gold Coins are more that i can offer to play in 4 months...
Third : 10 000 Gold Coins is a psychologic gap and price what ever people think...
Fourth : Not enough gold items shard for 10000 GC... and we are not wanting all those 3 items added...

Conclusion : get back to 5000 GC box and better : kill the box to make more pay to play and not pay to buy.

Thank you

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Post time 2015-4-28 20:21:20 |Show all posts
If it's going to be 200 good per shard(50 shards@200gc = 10k) I think a breakdown of 10 advantage, and 40 ur offered in arena shop and im shop could work. Still wouldn't necessarily give you 3x gold equipment every time, but could help you finish off several good pieces at once.

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Post time 2015-4-28 20:26:35 |Show all posts
I like Webby´s suggestion. I would not consider buying a box of equips for 10k gold. That is way too much. Even at 5k I hesitate and try to evaluate if the items are good enough. Sometimes they are, but often they are not, especially if I don´t need to fight in the event it self .

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Post time 2015-4-29 00:17:30 |Show all posts
Edited by Deztroyez at 2015-4-28 13:59

Currently how many players need equipment (old equipment from pass events)? I can tell you 'a lot'... I need to equipped 5 disciples right now... just waiting for an event with equipment...

10 000K gold is $100 for just one equipment and that's not even talking about participating in the event (depend if the card is good)

SH need to give access to old event equipment at $25 or even $20, $15 per equipment (this will generate income instantly - and give them the chance to create new equipment with better stats)... no summoning or chance base selection... just place all old past event equipment for players to buy... currently those old equipment are not making any money from them just keeping it to create a monopoly...

I will personally buy 5 right off cause that a price range I can afford... and this will create more playing through farming to level the equipment and use in other areas of the game to compete (Arena, IM, raid boss etc.)

My guess the current model of $100 per event advantage equip and other changes is to drive more attraction for the STEAM platform which has cheaper discount items - they knew it was coming and approach it that way... but the major issue with that is old players (which makes large percent of player base) have invest much so far and acquired resources through grinding and spending... it hurt to just throw that away

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Post time 2015-4-29 04:51:36 |Show all posts
I like the way everyone is discussing this without whining/complaining.  Very constructive.

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Post time 2015-4-29 06:16:45 |Show all posts
wardad replied at 2015-4-29 04:51
I like the way everyone is discussing this without whining/complaining.  Very constructive.

I like how this is the least constructive comment in the thread.

What we're doing here is voicing our displeasure, yes, and also giving solutions as well. Solutions are normally considered constructive. This is the "General Discussion" board, not Game Strategy or Rage/Venting. No one is badmouthing anyone here.

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