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Hallows Fire [Copy link]

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So event ended, i spent a lot buying gold in order to be under rank 50 so i can get all 8 cards to evolve... but i failed. Now am stuck with 7 cards which is useless unless i get 1 more card..
so will i realy need to wait 3 month to get that card?
That was supposed to be the first decent desciple i collect.
like this wont be availabe in isla or arena tu buy ...
idk but this sux and doesnt make sense

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Post time 2015-5-7 12:11:18 |Show all posts
Here's what you should do if you are just starting out. Make a concerted effort to get 5k hcs every day and 10k on the weekend by using your daily gold on 2 bs a day during the week and a couple extra on each weekend day. This will enable you to buy 8x of a good monthly arena shop ur(like the current one for instance). That is a much more effective way of improving your team than trying to get top 50 in a single event. You will have to wait at least 3 months before this guy shows up in any shop and probably more like 6 months+. While you are working on saving hcs until you have 160k for an arena rare, keep saving virago until you have enough to start collecting your ur of choice. This should let you start to compile a team of good  URs. You will want to have a team with good synergy, so look for teams that will have at least 3  elemental damage  buffs of the same element and fear and demonic sanctuary. If you are just starting you should have a Full Argestes which will currently be your best card since it has fear, invincibility and 2 weeks buffs. I recommend building either a wind team around her, or a team of three other guys of the same element +FA so you have her fear and invincibility combo for arena and IM.

Their are several very good cards that rotate through arena shop, like king Oenomaus and Befafes which are both only 15k hcs per card and obviously go well with FA.

There are several URs in the mare shop that only cost 5500 virago per card, like Flaming Mo and Queen Lamia. Those are both very good deals.  Tefnut, Molten, Surtr, Terasaur, and Preta, Zhong Kui, and some others cost more virago but are also very good. But, it's hard to control when you will see 8 of the and card rotate through the shops. It can happen in 2 weeks or 3 months.

Because of that,  by far the best and most consistent way to improve your team quickly is to buy a monthly arena shop ur.  You can get multiple of the cards per day and is always in the shop. In four days you have all 8. Trust me when I say that by the time this past weeks card rolls into arena or mare shops in 3+ months you should have multiple better cards than it by then if you just focus on arena pvp and IM farming. IM may be difficult to clear at first, but pvp should be no problem with infinite opponent  switches.

Paying to stay below top 50 is sometimes very expensive. In many cases it would be cheaper to just buy several 10 packs of premium summons and hope for good luck. Building a great team will take time, but is worth it!  Hope this helps.

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Jason27104 replied at 2015-5-7 11:11
Here's what you should do if you are just starting out. Make a concerted effort to get 5k hcs every  ...

Great post Jason!

Just want to add picking up 6 cards (or seven as they now give the free one), is often quite easy if u aim at the bottom end of the 6 card bracket (I've picked up 6 on free hope a few times) and they can sit in cold storage while you work on other cards, by the time these cards come into the shop you can decide worth the Virago/HC to pick up complete, or NAHHHHH don't need him anymore.

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Post time 2015-5-7 14:00:40 |Show all posts
Totally agree that picking up 4-6 cards and then sitting on them is another great way to improve. Just keep in mind that you may be saving cards that take up space only to find they get outclassed or replaced by another similar card, by the time you can get those last few.

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Post time 2015-5-9 13:26:20 |Show all posts
Its ok cause the card sucks anyways, no fire buffs and slow attack, doppelganger is the  only cool thing, still not worth it, I got all 8 cards and very disappointed, card art is cool but actual character animation is real crap.
Still sorry for your luck.

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