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Hell Bunny/Devil Blood Bug! [Copy link]

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Edited by Necalan at 2015-5-15 14:14

I wanted to post this since I just noticed it. I have a Hell Bunny card fully evolved and augmented to level 7. (Can't find anymore shards, so I can't go any higher!) I have used Devil's Blood on it's Dps and Def stat's to where those stat's are maxed for it's current augment level. I saw that the Dps# is not showing/adding correctly, with the Devil's Blood added. The HP and Def numbers add up correctly. Don't know if it's a known bug, or if it has been noticed/reported at all. The screen shots should explain what I am pointing out.

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Btw...sorry, not an expert on posting images.

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DPS does not equal Attack + DB attack.

DPS is damage per second.

This is an equation which Im not exactly sure about (other can confirm)  of   Att + DB + Equip bonus / Attack speed.....

So the figures won't add up like you are expecting.... I'm sure some more Statistical than we will explain! ;)

Ps Bunny shards...not added yet, similar to Charybdis shards etc... probably will be added in near future or be part of Guilds! ;)

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Thanks for the response. Know what Dps means. 40 years of gaming. Thank god this isn't WoW! I would be needing my add-ons to keep track of all the stat's! I noticed that it's Dps and Attack after I looked at it again. Strange...

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The issue here as mentioned is simply that ATK is not DPS, this is why you're only noticing something weird there and that DEF and HP are totally fine.

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Edited by azanimefan at 2015-5-21 07:50

yeah, these guys nailed it.  

most cards have 1 attack per 1.0-2.0 seconds, so dps varies widely from what your attack says.  That said Attack is a useful stat for your elemental power attacks, as the damage from those are based on your Attack power

it looks like you have one attack per 1.27 seconds

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