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Cut scenes/Cinematics suggestion [Copy link]

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I'm not sure whether I'm late or not but I have a suggestion. I read something about comics as cinematics.

What about making it animated? I think it's called motion comics. Like what this guy did: http://kotaku.com/5970698/bungies-destiny-hasnt-been-officially-announced-but-people-are-still-making-awesome-trailers?post=55521039 (It's not exactly a comic but  he animated pictures using after effects I think.)

And if you guys are going to do it, please add some sounds (and voices if possible.)
And please make the textures in-game high resolution
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Edited by imaginaari at 2012-12-30 21:02

In a area of comics styled animations you could also check out the Dr Professor’s Thesis of Evil (it's mostly photograpy based but it is animated that way you're talking about) and the The Cobol Job a Inception prologue-like bonus material.
I've seen somewhere that the one of the devs that they're going to use a comic boards insted of cgi and I think it's cool enough, but if the kickstarter founds made this possible I think that the cinematics should also be comics styled (some more manga-like influences or traditional japanese painting would also be nice as a animation - I personally love the style of Kung Fu Panda opening sequence and I would die for a cinematics like this one)

And I support the request for higher resolution textures, but big no for the voices request from my side. It's now like a reading a comic or a fiary tale book, plus it gives some cool ideas for the black and white animations influenced by the old silent movies.

But I would like to see more comic styled speech baloons in game than the current ones.

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erm... arent we getting comics for aka? and cinematics/voicing would just be a lot of work... cinematics makes the game seem better but making/mplementing it shouldnt be the number one thing on their list just because the game is still in its early stages

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