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Best Earth team? [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-5-17 01:25:01 |Show all posts
What do you think is the best Earth Team using currently available cards?

I'm building a Gorgon Queen (7x),  Cerberus (7x), Magmentusus (6x) and have completed Zavdie Kahn, Enki's Archer and Jahi Slag Heart.

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Post time 2015-5-17 01:34:25 |Show all posts
2 x terra, 1x gq, 1x mag....... But kui and stoney would be good bench players!

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Post time 2015-5-17 07:02:01 |Show all posts
Edited by Jason27104 at 2015-5-17 07:58

2x Gorgon Queen, Terasaur, Cerberus

2x fear, 2x ds, 2x earth buffs, invincibility, Flux, 2x Charged, cover fire
You can sub in magmentusus for Cerberus to get a 3rd earth buff if you don't mind losing either a fear, a ds, or Coverfire or charged.

Option 1
GQ 1(fear, Charged, Quake)
GQ 2(ds, Coverfire, Charged)
Terasaur(Energy Flux, invincibility, concussion/spike armor)
Cerberus(fear, ds, earth attunement)

Option 2
GQ 1(fear, ds, Coverfire/charged)
GQ 2(charged/fear/ds, Quake, earth attunement)
Terasaur(invincibility, Flux, spike armor/concussion)
Magmentusus(taunt, pound, spike armor)

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Post time 2015-5-19 04:59:46 |Show all posts
Awesome, thanks I'll take those suggestions and start working on my earth team.

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Post time 2015-5-21 13:35:42 |Show all posts
^I suspect that Webby don't need to get no fancy on with his GQ. If you need fear and the match lasts long enough you'll want charged and DS, which means you want the earth ups from someone else.

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Post time 2015-5-24 15:37:21 |Show all posts
Interesting. Working on that as I play.

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