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I find the weapons balancing strange [Copy link]

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Edited by Soki at 2012-12-26 05:34

Hello, I started playing the beta few days ago, and I opted for the "Cunning class".
I play "duelist" so I only use one one-handed weapon. And in front of this wide selection of weapon, I wondered if these weapons were all balanced correctly ; since the game let us build up a character as we want, it should be well balanced.
But, after some calculations, I found that some weapons (especially the sickle type) were "better" than others on a same level.
I explain...

I took the katana and the sickle, both at level 6.
On that level, the katana does 10-16 damages with a fast speed attack and the sickle does 12-14 damages with a very fast speed attack. If I make the average (or the median if you prefer) of the damages, I find :
Katana : (10+16)/2 = 13
Sickle : (12+14)/2 = 13
So, the two weapons make in average the same amount of damage. Except one thing, they don't have the same speed attack ! The katana does in average 13 damages with a fast speed, and the sickle does also 13 but with a very fast speed. That means the sickle is way better than the katana, because it does the same damage on each hit, but it hits faster ! Shouldn't the sickle make fewer damage by hit than the katana ?

Or may be, the damages indicated already include the speed. That would make sense : "the sickle is faster than the katana, but on average they both do the same amount of damages", then it would be balanced.

But that's not all !
If I take the club level 6, it does 6-10 damages with a very fast speed attack. On average, it thus does (6+10)/2 = 8 damages.
Either the speed attack isn't included in the damage calculation, so the club damages are correct, but not the sickle's...
Or the speed attack is included, so the sickle damages are normal, but the not the club's.

In both case, there is a problem. Or maybe the club has something more not indicated like stunning chance ?
I'm a little lost, could someone tell me what's going on ?
... Cordially

P.S. : English isn't my mother tongue, so I apologize if I made mistakes.

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I noticed the same thing with the weapons, but I just assumed it was because the game was still in beta, and that it will be balanced more when the game is fully released.

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