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All About Kickstarter, Beta & Client [Copy link]

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Hello all!

Though we’ve continued to improve and release fixes for Akaneiro, we’ve been a bit quiet on the subject of missing features, release and payment model. Those topics have been in a constant flux here, as we debate what the best strategy is for the game, our players and the future of the studio. We’ve heard a lot of well-considered input from you and others on the subject. We appreciate your interest in helping us make an informed choice.

We’ve made some big decisions, and have some announcements to match below. For a start...

We’ll be Free to Play at launch.
After some consideration (and more debate), we’ve decided on a Free to Play model. These are some of the reasons:

  • We want to release new content (area/mission) expansions as fast as possible, but do so in small chunks rather than larger packs which mean bigger gaps between update and release. Setting a price for such small chunks has proven difficult, especially at this stage.
  • We need to build our community and spread the game to as many platforms and players as possible. Free to play provides us with more options and exposure in that regard.
  • Karma will be purchasable with platform currency as well as through regular play. This provides an option for those with less time to invest, but does not exclude non-paying players from any content.
  • Karma will be used to purchase/unlock new areas via the world map and extend the game level cap (you must still complete previous missions to play a purchased area).

We’re still very open to your feedback on this issue, especially when you consider…

Kickstarter crowd funding for Akaneiro.
Akaneiro has been quite an undertaking for us. We’ve come a long way with a relatively small (but passionate) team. Unfortunately, we’ve reached the limit of what our resources allow, but the game has not yet reached the limits of awesome we’re determined to hit. We want to be able to commit the time and team members we need to add vital missing features and apply proper polish.

We believe Akaneiro has the potential to be an even bigger, better game – and we want to release on all our initial target platforms. That’s why we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a list of what we’d use the additional funding to add/finish:

The Big Important Additions-
  • Android and iOS Tablet Version – We’ve done a lot of groundwork earlier in development; but we don’t have the resources for a full port alongside our other work. Backing will ensure we can deliver Akaneiro as a cross-platform experience.
  • Co-op multiplayer – Join with fellow hunters in real-time to take down the Demon Kings of Yomi. Share the reward and tackle more difficult challenges.
  • Equipment Crafting System – collect raw materials from fallen enemies and use them to add specific properties to equipment. Apply any properties to any item template, for the perfect blend of stats and aesthetics.
  • Improved Community Support – Any game, especially an independently developed online game such as Akaneiro, relies on fostering a strong community. We need to add more dedicated community managers to our team.

Other Smaller But Collectively Awesome Features-
  • “Karma Void” Dungeons - use the crystallized hearts of fallen Yokai to access multi-level dungeons where extra-difficult challenges (and greater rewards) await.
  • Expanded Narrative elements – more in game dialogue, and special ally characters added to certain missions. Lore items scattered throughout the world that provide further story for each mission and the game overall.
  • Lockbox Items & Additional Consumables
  • Hand/Fist Weapon Class and Mastery
  • Expanded Weapon and Armor varieties.
  • Additional Spirit Helper Pet varieties.
  • Further training levels for all Abilities and Masteries.
  • Mark of Sacrifice – Recover a portion of lost experience by returning to the site of your death. Earn bonuses by finding Marks left by your friends.
  • Ghosts of Yomi – New “lost spirit” NPCs added to Yomi Village, providing repeatable quests for special item rewards.
  • Leaderboards – track and compare a large array of progression stats.
  • Hunting Squads - organize and brand your characters into a single squad unit, sharing profit, items and other benefits.
  • Akane Trials – Rank-based achievement system with rewards.
  • Improved Chat System with friends list management, room creation and other social features.

In case the Kickstarter Campaign takes off, we’re also adding a list of stretch goals:
    Unlock the Devil’s Eye Mountain region - 8 new areas and 24 new missions, new enemies, bosses and increased level cap.
    Unlock the Fallen Fen region - 8 new areas and 24 new missions, new enemies, bosses and increased level cap.
  • Linux Version
  • Blackblood PvP Arena – provided by an Order of Akane splinter group. Fight to the death in groups, or duel a single opponent.
  • Hunting Chapters - Guild Creation. Earn rewards for topping monthly guild leaderboards.
  • Even more new Weapons, Armor, Abilities, Mastery Levels and Spirit Helper Pets…

We hope you feel as strongly as we do that these features would hugely benefit the game. If so, head over to Kickstarter and lend us your support via backing. There’s an extensive list of awesome rewards across all our backer tiers.

Open Beta Begins Next Week.
We’re now officially entering it – even though we’re still adding to and expanding the game, we’ve got to prove Akaneiro can survive in the wild. Open Beta means the servers are probably going to get hit with a more constant flow of new users. When the Open Beta goes live on the 9th of January, any SpicyWorld user will be able to play it. Some other platforms will follow soon after. We want to provide more options for those who want to play the game, so we’ve decided that…

We’ll Offer a Downloadable Client.
Along with the Open Beta launch, we’ll be providing an option for players to download a Windows/Mac client installer/patcher. You can still play the game via a web browser if you wish, the choice is yours.We know that our beta players especially will have more queries – please voice them here, and I’ll provide responses to common concerns below:

Akaneiro Beta & Kickstarter Launch Mini-FAQ:

  • Will Closed Beta users and PayPal donators receive any sort of unique reward?
    You bet. We’re still sorting out what it’ll be, but you can be assured that it will be different from any backer reward, and the Tester/Donator reward will be different from each other.
  • What if I’ve purchased Karma prior to open beta?
    You’ll receive a reimbursement of Karma when we launch the game that’s equivalent to that you might have purchased in Closed Beta.
  • If my Kickstarter and  SpicyWorld accounts use different emails, how will you identify me as a backer?
    We'll provide a confirmation option for pre-registered SpicyWorld users, so the accounts can be connected in our user database.
  • More answers here as the questions come!

Last thing – I want to sincerely thank you; our testers, fans and faithful supporters. Your encouragement and involvement in the process has been invaluable. If we could fund the game on that alone, we’d be set ;)

With your continued support, the full potential of Akaneiro can be realized.

Visit the Akaneiro Kickstarter Page:
View Akaneiro KickTraq Stats:

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Edited by imaginaari at 2013-1-4 14:19

Does that mean that the DLC expansions will be buyable only by Karma shards, the in-game currency?And you're not going to make available any other purchase options other than Karma currency?
Cool. I just ask to be sure, it sounds too good to be true. That's a really great move!

It's also good to know that the Tester/Donator rewards will be different from kickstarter ones. I already backed a early bird pledge because of that info, so thank you very much for such a quick information. Another time I backed from different email adress than the one I use here, but I guess that after Kickstarter campaign end we will be asked for out SpicyHorse logins or something like that, right?

I also got more questions, about open beta, character wipes and purchasing Karma.
What if I’ve purchased Karma prior to open beta?
You’ll receive a reimbursement of Karma when we launch the game that’s equivalent to that you might have purchased in Closed Beta.

I didn't even knew that we were already able to purchase Karma in closed beta, but anyway, by "launch the game" you mean launch of open beta or final product release? If you meant final release - why then the open beta will not have a Karma purchasing option, and if you meant open beta release - does that mean that open beta will not have character wipes and everything will be transferred to final release from it?

And one more bonus question - are you going to make Karma purchases available only by the current Spicyworld Peppers currency as it is now, or you're going to make them available to direct purchase in the future? The multiplatform goal suggest the later, as do the kickstarter pledges. What ammount of karma can we expect in 3$, 6$, 10$ and 20$ Karma infusion packs? The current system is giving approximately 3000, 6000, 12000 and 30000 karma for each price. Are the final packs will have similiar karma value?

Thanks for your work and I really hope that your project will be pledged within those 29 days. Good luck!

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The time has arrived. We're almost at the end, but before we get there, Spicy Horse needs our help. We must search on the far reaches of Earth. To find brave warriors who can help us in our journey. So now, brave men and women, let us go to that Kickstarter page, and accomplish that goal. For the order.

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Oh, you're already trending to be founded! Such a good news : ) I hope that the trend will become reality and you will surpass your target! Cheers : )

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That's right - we're launching with any purchase tied to the in-game currency. So you'll be able to access current and future areas and other items through gameplay alone.

The Karma purchase was only added in the most recent patch, so it hasn't been available for long to CB testers(and wasn't widely advertised). As progress through area expansions was not gated by karma in closed beta and pricing not final, there'd have been little incentive for that purchase in any case.

If Karma was purchased during closed beta, the actual value of that spend (in $) will be provided in karma based on exchange rate at launch (not open beta). The Karma Pack backer rewards propose a relative value range - as the most up to date pricing on items, abilities, pets and areas will be tested during the upcoming open beta, we won't know precise amount to be provided until we've put really our economy to the test.

We would prefer not to wipe character data from open beta, but it'll depend on the above, plus any unforseen technical issues. We'll address how that affects players, if and when it occurs.

Backers can be assured they'll get that value of karma at the going rate, which is as absolute as we can be at the moment. As of open beta launch, 1$ will purchase around 3000 karma. But, as I say, that'll be subject to some adjustment pending everyone jumping in. If the adjustment is major, we'll consider how to offset the change for players who've paid prior (at least in the beta period).


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Thank you for all the answers, I really like your solutions. But... now I have some more questions

One is about those really high pledges that will grant content creation (weapons, armors and spirit pets) - will the results be available to all players as regular content or they will they be like a exclusive items and pets in lower pledges and thus only available to their creators? It's obvious that Mini-bosses and messeges on maps will be available to everyone, but with this kind of content it doesn't sound so obvious. I guess that the answer is yes, but it's always good thing to ask.

Second one is about future expansions metioned already on kickstarter page. What level cap are you planning currently for the base game(and open beta) and for "Eye of Spite" and "The Yasha War" updates announced just a while ago? If you already know, it would be also nice to know approximately what kind of price are you planning for excess to new regions.

Thats all for the moment : )

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Good luck with KS campaign! Just backed the project there too. My favorite points are stand-alone client, more equipment and areas to explore, and more in-depth lore.
GO, Spicy Horse!

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I hope and I am convinced this campaign will bear fruit and help you in the development.

Also it would be nice to see the weapons/armors/pets/mini-bosses created by the backers, and how the dev team adapted and implemented it to the game.

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Edited by dean.rugaard at 2013-1-6 03:35

Hmm, one little question in regards to buying Karma shards.

In the current implementation you have to do the following to purchase.

Click the "plus" sign to the right of the karma amount you currently have.
click the amount of Karma you want to purchase
select "continue" to confirm the amount of Peppers that the amount of Karma equals.
Select the payment option.
(then comes the "fun" part.)
remember how many Peppers it said you needed for the purchase.

... .... I think another "try" at that system would be a good idea

How about adding in a small field that tells you on that last page how many Peppers your current purchase "needs" ?

oh, and also.
Do enable multibrowser logins for your forum/game.
Because as it is right now, lets say that im here, posting in this thread in internet explorer 10.
Akaneiro is running in chrome on the other screen.
Im halfway through my description of how to purchase Karma. and I want to recheck that what im writing is correct.
If I do that, I will be asked to login again in the game on chrome.
Nevermind that the chat system in-game still thinks im online.

Unless you have a really good reason not to ofc

aside from all that.

Happy to hear/see that your kickstarter is going well

Edit: and at the same time. BAD idea to imped the captcha image in the field for it. Especially when you dont say anything about that at all..... :/

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imaginaari: The backer created items will be available to all users through regular gameplay methods. Depending on the item type (we'll provide some constraint as to stats).

Base game level cap is 30 ; others are projected but it'll certainly change, so I'll refrain from getting into it Karma price for unlocking areas in the new regions is similarly far from being set, as it'll depend on the state of the karma economy at that time. There's no plan to charge real money for those expansions.

Good feedback, I think it warrants a dedicated SpicyWorld payment process and usability thread, though. There's many issues on SW side that need addressing, more critical feedback like this would be appreciated.

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