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Game problems feedback / suggestions [Copy link]

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About Monsters

1. Monster sometimes appear from nowhere and they cannot be seen on the mini map, you can react to kill them, but if they appear from "down dirrection" (under you hero) - it becomes hard to react since there is pretty small vision area for player and monster are just making sircle around you and kill kill kill.

2. When you going trough some stairs or exits - you can sometimes stuck, to unstuck you must press lmb few times and then you can go, but if monster will kill you - you will not have enaught time to get away of this bug, so its epic lose of karma untill you get out of this situation, else just exit dungeon.

3. Minibosses arent droping items at all? Why? I mean those Wanted purple strong guys - killing them is just wasting time, since they give nothing. Bosses must give not only some items - but also better items then little mobs gives, right now i dont see drop difference between any monsters.

4. Monsters can run trought closed doors. Eather make them unable to do so, or make doors to auto open if monster want to go trought.

Summon Friend

To be honest - right now its looks like a cheating. My summoned friend doing all the tanking job. Right now my game looks very weird, i think its not supposed to be like that:
step 1. i run to ennemies and using some AOE spell 1-2 times;
step 2: my fried dies in a 1-2 seconds, while i using AOE 2 more times;
step 3: i spend 1 second to summon friend again, while running away from monsters.
repeat step 3, repeat step 3, repeat step 3, repeat step 3, repeat step 3, repeat step 3......

WHAT IS THIS? Instead of actually playing this game, i am summoning my friend all the time, is this how game supposed to be played? Monsters killing me in 2-3 shots and my friend is alive for 1-2 seconds only. This is sooo wrong. First of all, i should not waste half of playing time at summoning screen - just make this friend unkillable undead, since summoning him takes 1 second anyway or make some penalties for his death.

About other stuff

1) Chests are very annoying - when you destroy them (open), you cant just come and pick items - you must first find good positioning, bypass them from behind or sides and its even more harder when item drops right under chest. There is two good solutions: first - to make them instantly dissapear after opening; second - to drop items in fron of chest 3 meters away, to make it easy to pick.

2) Why the hell i am getting 1-4 lvl items, when my hero already 14 lvl, fighting world area 5 at 3-4 difficulty? Please dont walk the same road Blizzard did with Diablo 3. Their drop are disaster, so is game cus of that.

About game client


Right now playing in browser is disaster. My pc is:

-2GB ram,

-1gb video asus GTS-250,

- duo core 2,666Hz,

- Windows xp sp3 - 2012,

- all drivers are up to date.

- no other programms running meanwhile.

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Post time 2013-1-14 21:18:45 |Show all posts
Your feedback is exactly what I experienced. Very annoying when 4-5 monsters can instant kill you when you are pure fortitude class...

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Post time 2013-1-15 02:09:34 |Show all posts
4-5 is very optimistic number - most time, 3 hits is enaugh (means 3 monsters is already much to kill me), or 2 ranged shamans, since those guys just wiping you out just in 2 hits (probably they ignore your armor). And my armor isnt so bad at all, so i have no idea how to play further with current fortitude hero. If any other classes have info about their surviveability - tell me please, how long can you survive.

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Post time 2013-1-15 02:18:37 |Show all posts
Try some cunning's Ninja Escape. It teleports you and make nearby enemies stunned. Traps also are good when you're circled by enemies. If you're quick enough it's hard to kill you.

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Post time 2013-1-15 11:26:34 |Show all posts
When you die in 3 hits and game have ping delay, its not fun at all to play such style. When 20 enemies around - its hard to not being killed, since at later maps there are mix of melee + ranged creatures.

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Post time 2013-1-15 13:27:48 |Show all posts
Edited by Origami at 2013-1-15 06:35

I don't really have a ping delay, and the ninja escape/firebomb trap combo kill quickly most of nearby enemies so the game seems not to be that hard. I guess that fortitude is just weaker than other classes. You should write report with suggestion that DEFENSE stat should be more significant.

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Post time 2013-1-15 19:34:41 |Show all posts
We are living in pretty nice times, when its faster to change a game, instead of writing balance suggestions and wait for them to become alive in current game.

By the way i need to use like 5-6 bombs to kill single mob, maybe you played on low difficulty.

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Post time 2013-3-2 02:40:02 |Show all posts
You're still using XP?

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Post time 2013-3-3 03:07:01 |Show all posts
You summoning ally in battle? how do you do that... I can only summon them on town and they die in 2 seconds in overrun so I never summoned another ally...

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Post time 2013-3-3 03:29:56 |Show all posts
It was that way for some time in open beta, but got changed before release.

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