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Beta 1.7.1 Patch Notes  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update

(Patching Complete)

Due to changes to the difficulty of the game and to the the game economy, character and account data will be reset. Your patience is appreciated

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained the beta 1.7.1 patch. This is an update with a swath of fixes and changes, both big and small.

The game server will be down for a little while today (Tuesday, January 15th) during the patch process. If all goes as planned, the update should be complete before midday the same day. If that plan changes, we’ll update you here.

Beta Patch 1.7.1

General changes:
  • Fixed a few spelling, grammar and punctuation issues in various UIs.
  • The menu key is now X for both web and client versions.
  • Accessing and exiting full screen mode should work as expected.
  • Karma purchase pricing has been adjusted.
  • Added bug report button to in-game options menu.
  • Player health curve has been adjusted for greater challenge.
  • Area unlock pricing has been adjusted.

Item changes:
  • Consumables will no longer stack.
  • Consumables sold by Elder Shaman Pan at Shammy Mart will now display their descriptions.
  • The relative chance of each gem attaching to equipment has been altered.
  • The bonus to Karma value from Golden Gems has been reduced.
  • Fixed some items calculating their price and rarity colour incorrectly.
  • Karma earned through Transmuting has been reduced.
  • Overall, less loot will drop. However, the chance of higher quality loot dropping has been increased.
  • Bosses have a chance to drop even more than previously.

Ability changes:
  • Further rebalancing of abilities and effects.

Mission Specific:
  • Shivering Pines level art has been improved.
  • Further collision fixes across multiple missions.

Client changes
  • Added confirmation on exit button.

Please report any bugs you find; the more we know about, the more we can fix!

Happy Hunting!

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Post time 2013-1-15 12:16:24 |Show all posts
Can we get more information on ability changes? Preferably the specifics on which were changed and whether they were weakened or buffed. Thanks!

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Edited by cm188man at 2013-1-16 00:20

I want to know when the character and account data can be keeped.

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Bosses have a chance to drop even more than previously?

BUT the only thing I get after the boss down was only one piece white equip.

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Important things first: Sticky this thread ? (and when the next one is ready, unstick this and sticky the next one)

almost as important things: Thank you DEV's for finally giving the tester/player base a chance of knowing just a bit about what is changed.

Now we just need to know some of the things in a bit more detail

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Post time 2013-1-16 03:17:56 |Show all posts
@cm188man, characters created after final release launch (that is currently planned for 02:00AM GMT of 25th January 2013, at least that's what timer uder the game shows) will be keeped. Everything from open beta period will be wiped right before the launch.

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Post time 2013-1-20 07:41:59 |Show all posts
Hey all of ya Play crazy fairies ;D

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cesar that was a very relevant post, in other news, how about an in-game link to the forums (depending on spicyhorse/kong) in the next patch?

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Post time 2013-2-5 13:50:36 |Show all posts
Out of date, and we don't have newer patch notes yet. I'll see about starting to get regular patch notes made a priority so we can replace this -- for now, closed.

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