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Author: Cassielle

Player Feedback Needed! Difficulty, Karma, Balance   [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-2-5 22:25:50 |Show all posts
I find it a bit annoying having to grind so much with the first character to unlock the quests. I would much rather focus on building my character, but if I did that I would have no karma to unlock the next level. I'm level 10 now, and have replayed the first and second group of quests about 6 times to gather up some karma.

I would also prefer if bosses gave more karma. I killed a boss and received 6 karma. That's laughable considering every white item I find is worth more than that. Bosses should be more in the 40-100 karma range at least. If the bosses were worth more I'd also enjoy them to be a lot harder but also more differentiated. Up to Bloodfang Fort it seems all the bosses have only three ways to attack. Normal, Slowing Slam, and Blue Meteor Shower. There is no challenge to fighting them since you know how it works after the first quests already :-|

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Post time 2013-2-6 20:03:34 |Show all posts
About Difficulty:

After release i have found it much harder to pass further then before. I mean, using Chi Medi was good - i could spam one skill and barely survive attacks, but right now i cant do that, cus mana regeneration is nearly 0 - so now i can do only one of the following:
- run for about 3 seconds and heal if hp below 70%.
- attack once if hp over 70%.
- run for about 5 seconds and use aoe ranged spell.

Also, another way to win in this hard game, was using Seeing Red, since you could almost double your attack value. Right now it giving like 15% to attack instead of previous 60-90%. This actually means, that it is useless, since its mana cost is high and its much better to use battle-damage skill twice, rather then using Seeing Red + one battle-damage skill.

Now i dont see any good ways or bad ways to win under "3" or "overran" difficulties, since previously we could do that by spamming "friend summon", but now its only "one time summon" in town, so i have no idea how to move forward.

The only options to beat game is to reduce game difficulty by spending some karma, upgrade your hero to max level (rise HP) and only then you can try beating overran area 3. Well i dont know honestly if this is good or not.

About new patch - i like yellow enemies marks instead of red and those big chests with many items rewards. Right now we need descreptions for all skills for next level, since its hard to say if skill are good or not while you must spend all your karma to open new areas / buy dmg pet since seeing red useless / buy difficulty reduction.

Also suggestions:

1) Make karma droped from enemies to appear faster, i personally dont like to stand upon dead body and wait 1-2 seconds for shards to appear.

2) Some enemies now not dropping anything, not even 1 karma shard - thats wrong.

3) Mini bosses still not giving good rewards "to make you want, to beat them", as well as they not dropping items as far, as i have seen, up to 11 lvl, or maybe i am just blind.

4) How about quests marks on our minimap? To see where should we go, some areas are large and its hard to find route in labyrinth.

5) Sometimes enemies appear just in front of you, out of nowhere - i think there should be atleast some sort of portals, instead of falling from the sky so we can see - "yes, this monster appeared this way".

6) Would be good to get FPS bar, like Ping one.

7) I am not sure, but i think previously all heroes were regenerating life over time - but right now they dont. Maybe they should? Atleast warriors?

8) In open beta i was getting like 3-4 rows of items from every mission, but right now i am getting 1,5 - 3. This is actually ruining purpose of items transmutation, since you will get enaught space to get all the thing from mission. Previously i was forsed to choose what items to take with me cus there was just lots of them, i think it was better before release with many choises.

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Post time 2013-2-7 11:58:08 |Show all posts
I don't really have the time or patience right now to type much, but lets give this a shot anyway

mostly every skill besides just plain melee attacking causes there to be quite a large delay between a mob dying and the death animation; Sometimes I'm not sure if I should expect karma or items or if I should expect the enemy to start attacking me again; Every time I have an ally summoned he gets himself killed by attacking mobs which have already died.

Two handed weapons are overpowered. I don't even need to look at the screen when I have a good two handed weapon equipped. I think you should make the other weapons more powerful rather than nerfing two handed weapons.

There is no option to make your cloak invisible strictly for cosmetic purposes. While this isn't necessary I don't see any cons to having this feature.

When an NPC window opens up you shouldn't be able to see their chat bubbles still. sometimes they get in the way.

AFAIK Portals are not clickable. correct me if I'm wrong.

The shop is useless in it's current state because anyone who's farmed a couple maps knows that those items are much better. To be honest I like it this way. This means the better weapons are more valuable and sentimental. That doesn't mean it can't be improved though; I think you should update the shop's items more often and add a countdown timer until the next update. Every time the shop updates there should be one item for sale that is magnificently powerful and almost stupidly expensive. not one per category. one total

I never smash any of the barrels or bones or whatever else is laying around. right now there is simply not enough incentive to go out of my way to do so for anything except chests.  the reward is not great enough for the time spent smashing these things

add character movement speed, HP regen and energy regen to the character screen

increase the delay allowed between killing sprees. maybe the delay could be exponentially increased based on the number of kills

theres more but I'm done for now. look out for some edits

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Post time 2013-2-7 16:56:18 |Show all posts
the item dropped from treasure box was unreachable. will you fix this somehow?
like...we can get them only click them without needed to stand right top of items.
Or auto pick up, or items vacuuming toward me like karma shard does.
(then I can also get items when enemies dropped item where at I cannnot stand)

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Level 6

Rebekah Mikaelson ♥ ♥ ♥

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Post time 2013-2-11 07:36:47 |Show all posts
It would be very helpful, if you guys assign some autoloot thingy to the keyboard...

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Level 6

Universe is standing still.

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Post time 2013-2-11 08:15:42 |Show all posts
Edited by Japanes at 2013-2-11 03:17

Advance sorry for my bad English, but I can not get past this topic ...

1 - Monsters are more or less balanced, but there is a big disadvantage to some. It is 4 locations .. there is one mission type of monster that has a 500 + damage .. even many bosses do not hit it at least .. weird .... plus at level 20 in the snowy ground very much strongly beat monsters but this is mainly because of the high ping and lag.

2 - Karma here very unbalanced. Why make an urn with more improved karma if it is given the same number? for meaning can be added instead of 3 as 4 or 5 boxes of one ..and also do not understand the meaning of a reward for the mission .. a little strange that in 3 locations, give nearly the same stock as karma and 4 .. but the power levels are very different monsters!

3 shops all muffled. Why when I assartiment Why purchase one and then I buy it increased to 3 or even 4 times? it looks like a little bug on ... plus I do not understand why I have not update the rare shop) although the idea of this rare magazine is very interesting .. it is to develop! the transmutation are also fine .. right amount of karma that make it less .... this is correct

4 - What about armor is hard to say, you may want to make a special collection point .. let me go now, in the light and in heavy armor because they provide additional options but to protect little different .. in the end I give the pros .. And you can say the option to collect a set of armor ... if all in heavy armor is + 10 armor or if the entire lightweight addition to the attack speed or something like that .. So here it is possible to think and make sense of the character classes ...

5 - skills do a lot of worries. problem in the balance of skills and that the mana they sometimes lack .. why use a valid skill to armor? if he spends a decent mana but provides little protection? plus a short time relative to .. yes it can increase but what is the use? reduced by 50 damage? if the boss has a 500 then there is a better treatment.

PS but what might need to change in the first place, it is the stability of the game) and self-selection button, enter it, this is a very simple but necessary thing) ^_^

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Post time 2013-2-13 10:25:11 |Show all posts
Edited by Elemental at 2013-2-14 09:45

I've been playing Akanerio for about two weeks, as I was linked to the kickstarter and found the beta for download. I've been looking for a new casual game for the last two months, and this really seemed to fit the bill. However:

Difficulty: Everything was fine until I hit level 15.  I've really enjoyed the way difficulty has scaled up while I've played, allowing me to replay earlier levels for karma and exp without grinding my teeth, and later levels for the same but needing to pay more attention. It's given even the handful of levels available a lot of replay value for me.

But when I hit level 15, suddenly that scale was incredibly strange. I'm struggling with Overrun in Bloodrot Cemetery and High Threat in Bloodfang Fort.  I needed 4 'continues' to manage a single replay of Don't Dwadle, at level 15 with a summoned companion, fully decked out armor and accessories and food bonuses for power, defense and energy. Walking through a level to have 10-15 Bloodwolf Hexors appear in front of me, with other support, is absolutely impossible to tackle. Worse, because the summoned companion attacks first retreats never, they always die when I attempt to avoid the combat entirely.
Edit: Now playing world 5, and I can't even manage the first level. Something is VERY wrong with the difficulty scale here.

This absolutely kills the enjoyment of the game for me, and I really hope it will be adjusted in the next update or two. I've been recommending this game to all of my friends who enjoy more casual games (especially because the length of missions here are under 20 minutes, which is great for a busy lifestyle) but this is making me pause in those suggestions.

Karma: Agreed with what others have said that the Karma in barrels and bones isn't really worth collecting, maybe up the amount? Also, I was under the impression KArma would help heal, but recently it hasn't seemed to have any affect, and I wonder if this is because my higher level and health, Karma makes a much smaller impact. In that case, Karma needs to be scaled for healing. Also, more Karma and or items drops from mini bosses and bosses.

Bosses Pretty decently balanced, I've found. The fact that each level gives you a chance to get used to a fighting style of that sort of monster helps a lot as well.

I have really been enjoying playing, I do hope that the difficulty issues get adjusted, or else I'll be putting this down soon. Nothing is more frustrating than facing the unbeatable.

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Post time 2013-2-13 12:50:44 |Show all posts
Here's what I think

Difficulty: At first hand, challenging and interesting. Then once you get to Area 5, it get's a lot more difficult. I can barely do 5.1 on Low threat.

Karma: Easy-ish to get, a relatively good system. However, there isn't much you can do with Karma. Maybe a system where you can add Prowess, Fortitude or Cunning points for an amount of karma relevant to your level and how much stats you've already bought.

Bosses: Not much to say, though not an intense battle still a challenging one if the Boss decides to play dirty and calls mobs to gang-bang you.

Comments in General: I realize this game is still new but so far there isn't much to do except max out stuff. I'm assuming there will be much more to do in the future, maybe even a co-op or a PVP arena.
Either way, I know for one thing that I will be staying here for quite a while.

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Post time 2013-2-19 02:15:13 |Show all posts
Edited by Shangri-La at 2013-2-19 02:22

Difficulty: It's ok, but there's OP monster on area 4 and this for 1300 hp that's crazy.  For group of monster just kite around and use ur AOE skills to kill them quickly(Buy food to increase your skill power or get a pet for 250 karma). Never go berserk on group of monsters because you will be killed in less than 5 sec.

Bosses: Too easy in my opinion, little monsters are way harder if you don't know how to kill them, at later levels I heal with mend chi II for 450-770 hp, and I'm full prowess, boss hits 550 on high treat at area 5 I just spam mend chi and tank his hits/meteors.

Abilities: Medium armor skill is a must have, without it you will be using a skill every 5 second meaning you can't heal and run a lot in boss fight, Light armor speed increase it's useless I don't see any difference at all, and Heavy armor HP regen is very slow I better get Medium and spam skill all the way.
Summon ally: Useless, only useful on area 1 because you don't have chi mend and AOE skills(you can still use 2h to do AOE dmg).
On overrun they does nothing, I haven't used ally after level 5 because they deals no dmg, dies so fast so I just buy 100 karma of food and kill them quick, Summoned ally needs skill or x20 hp to tank monster for 10 second on later areas as they can not use mend chi they just go berserk and die in 3 sec.

PS. Prowess Meteor Rain kickass, high range and strong I kill overrun monster with 1-3 Meteors with food and pet dealing 110+ each time.

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Post time 2013-2-19 16:03:52 |Show all posts
1. The bosses difficulty level is just fine, even at highest threat one can easily kite/heal around the area in order to survive is anything goes south.

As for the levels i would say maybe one or two levels higher required per new area seing as this game is intended for everyone.
The enemies are quite alright, you might wanna scale down their damage by a couple of percent vs every class.
I'm mainly playing a skill char and thus the energy is not even remotely enough to keep me up or out of harms way compared to the dmg i receive.
Hence the kiting throwing "trojan horses" on the ground and healing. I like that this game however give you the opportunity to think alot.

I rarely go out knowing a boss will come, without the proper skills applied to the bars(only using 6 skills atm)

2. I'm not entirely sure as to how the karma is intended to reward the player, The higher the Threat the higher the END reward, that is when u complete then mission.
In my opinion, the creeps, wolves and what not should have the karma reward for a kill increased, Mainly because they can take a lot more dmg before dying.
Aswell as the damage they put out is increased. Consider buffing karma reward per creep rather then mission reward.
Or increase karma overall instead of lowering difficulty(see question 1).

3. This question is rather hard for me to answer considering I am not a high lvl player as of yet. However i would suggest adding an RNG to rare items.
Not to say there isn't one in the wild, but put one at the vendor, if you happen to be there at the right time you can get your hands on a gritty item.
This RNG should then not re-roll upon re-engaging with the vendor, it should rather re-roll when you re-enter town or when completed a mission.

I can see the frustration in getting a level 2 item at high levels and in a high leveled area.
This is bad since it makes no sense in all honesty. Take for example our society.

If a rich woman lost her dog the reward would be blown out of proportion because she can afford it and loves her dog.
Now take the poor woman and her cat, not the same appeal to make you go look for a cat rather then a rich womans dog. see what i'm saying.

The risk should come with higher tier rewards as in a certain ratio, a mission for level 8, could have the creeps at level 8.
However the loot table would be different, a level 8 creep cannot drop a weapon or armor below lvl 6 for example.
Take note that the THREAT of the level should make the loot(weapons and what not) increase or become better as the ratio of karma(question 2)

5. This is one of the few questions i simply can't help or suggest as much too, ofcourse once again due to my low level.
But i have to say, regardless of what class you play, if i choose to invest 1000,2500 or 5000 karma into a skill set(MASTERY).
It should then come with a reward that is NOTICEABLE, Dual wielding mastery has no speed increase, not animation wise nor damage output.
IF it does, and correct me if i'm wrong, then it is to the smallest degree of increase.

Suggestions of MASTERY:

Weapon Mastery: Dual wielding, increase attack speed +  DAMAGE or DPS, and before you say they are the same, Damage and DPS are DIFFERENT tiers of output.

Armor Mastery: Light Armor, Increases movement speed + Damage reduction or total armor or fixed amount of armor.

I hope these answers will be to your satisfaction and enjoyable to read.

Beyond all this, the game is rather wonderful, i really enjoy it, a good mix of contrast.

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