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Author: Cassielle

Player Feedback Needed! Difficulty, Karma, Balance   [Copy link]

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Edited by astromilleniumx at 2013-2-22 04:44

1- The game is a bit too easy if you use the right skills, and too hard if you use the wrong ones (if you play a pure melee char you will have a hard time, because melee mobs hit hard), I learned this the hard way. It can be incredibly hard to solo if you're playing alone, but with others (at least with my summoned companion) it becomes a lot easier. I imagine that with the multiplayer feature, monster health will have to be scaled accordingly. I imagine it will very easy if 3-4 players are in the same area. Boss difficulty is OK, but they require new/different skills, diffferent mechanics. I feel like I'm always fighting against the same boss because they all use mostly the same skills. And it's not just bosses, monsters should also use skills, because it gives them life, it makes them unique. As it stants now, the combat can become quite repetitive because, well, melee mobs just use melee attacks, and archers just shoot, that's it.

2- The karma system is OK. It's not too easy, and it's not too hard to earn karma, it's just right. But the prices to progress in the campaign maps can be too high. At level 16 I have to earn 22000 karma to advance to the next map, and that's a lot. That equals to grinding hours and hours of grinding the same content. It becomes quite repetitive and boring. Another problem: it's too easy to level up! I just need to do 4-5 runs and I already hit the level cap. There's two things that can be done to counter this: remove the karma cost to unlock new content, or, perhaps a better one, increase level caps between areas, so people actually take a while to level, and the exp rate can be normal.

3- The item shops are kind of useless, since you're getting new gear all the time from drops. And it's mostly the same gear you get in the wild. If a player wants to make an upgrade, they will not use the normal item shop, they will use the rare item shop. But the rare item shop is ridiculously overpriced, from items costing 50k to 140k. A casual player would never turn to the rare shop for an upgrade. I suppose the rare shop is only for the people who have hit the level cap, and have nothing to do but farm karma, meanwhile, the rare item shop is useless during the leveling proccess. Items in the normal shop should be a bit better, because it's where people will look to when they're having trouble progressing in the game, and they want an upgrade.

5- Meteor Storm is too weak. It does very weak damage and sometimes it doesn't hit the monsters at all. Swath of Destruction is too powerfull early on.

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For difficulty, ranged mobs can corner you sometimes, especially when you are on the bridge. Ranged attacks, although straight and parallel to the ground, and somehow hit you when you are on higher ground (e.g. bridge)!!!! This does not make sense since you cannot see their attacks and you might die not knowing what hit you!

For item shops, how often does it restock?I have been waiting 2 days for a necklace to restock. perhaps the item shop could have a wishlist feature, where a player can mark the item he/she requires and the shop will save the item until the player has earned enough karma. I hate it when a blue item appears but i do not have enough karma for it. Or is this affected by purchases by other players?

For skills, some skills make a fool out of the monsters. E.g. I can spam ring of frost with my fortitude character while the monsters are chasing me. This will injure them while keeping me safe from a distance. This makes things simple and totally spoil the concept of a fortitude character being able to tank the monsters. Perhaps the freezing status should really immobilize the monsters so that I will be more inclined to hammer at them instead of running away (since at present the monsters attack rate is still very high when they are frosted)

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I'm currently playing a skill spec character and was having major difficulty playing the game early on. It seemed to me that if I had more than 3 monsters on me at once, quite a real possibility at times, then I couldn't really do all that much. There were several times where I just got mobbed by creatures and couldn't escape. I know i'm supposed to kite them around but this is made difficult at times by the fact that I get stuck on the terrain alot, and if I walk behind objects such as trees or walls I can't see a thing i'm doing. I managed to save enough Karma shards to buy the healing skill from the defence skills and that has made my life much easier but I still have alot of trouble moving about. Also there seems to be a problem with firing arrows at creatures that seem to just miss even when pointed straight at the target? Not sure what that's about to be honest. The Game itself is beautiful to look at, and although i'm not too far into the story I am enjoying it immensely. It's just lthe little things that are bringing it down I think.
In short objects that you walk behind need to become transparent so you can see what you're doing, fix objects so you can't get stuck on them and perhaps adjust the healing rate of karma shards?

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These are my personal observation about the game.

1- How are we doing on difficulty? - Bosses and normal enemies and are fine, level caps are good, when moving to the next area which has the harder enemies lets me think of a strategy on how to defeat them with my current level. As with regards to the enemy balance, there are some areas on the map that has i guess too many ranged than the melee which apparently gives more difficulty. I'd like to minimize the ranged ones in all areas, i guess.

2- What about karma? - I have no complaints about the karma system, it can be easily farmed when you reach a certain level, for example (lvl 20 farming at the first map).

3- And the item generation system? For some point, and this happens in almost all the games i played, looted items are much more valuable than the items that you can buy in the shop, only though items in the shop are also needed when you decide to have a starter tools which you will be needing when farming valuables and defeating enemies, of course items in the shop is way more better than the regular items looted in the wild world.

4- While we're on items- I guess the weapons are well balance, two handed weapons are slow but covers a wide area letting you hit multiple enemy in one swing, and duel weapons are fast and focuses on a single target, excluding the use of skills.

5- Skill - there's nothing wrong with the skills i guess, every skill has its damage and usage for a certain time and situation. It's the SWITCHING of skills that i prefer the team should be aware of, its hard and time consuming when switching to the skills you'd like to use. It has to be in one group.

I hope this will help.  

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Edited by Tricen at 2013-3-11 05:26

1- How are we doing on difficulty? This game has 2 difficulties. It's either about average or swath of destruction. Before SoD, playthrough was pretty decent, still a tad easy, but not exactly a breeze through. Especially on overrun. After obtaining SoD, the game becomes very easy and somplistic. I'm assuming you guys know SoD is too strong right now. Between Chi mend and SoD, it's almost impossible to die unless lag issues or you just run into a wall or get caught on something.
2- What about karma?  
The aspect of ingame currency being the basis of gameplay is fine. I find it appropriate and rewarding, if you enjoy grinding. Obviously this is a grindy game, amd that is fine, I enjoy that kind of game as do others. The only issue I have about it, is when buying an item from a shop for a lot of karma, say 10000, the sell back is a fraction of a fraction. I can buy an item for 10000 karma, but if I sell it back, then I get maybe 75? I do not know if there a way to tie in items bought from a vender opposed to items dropped though, which may be the reason. It feels sort of punishing when buying an expensive item as you level and then selling it back for nothing. I'm not suggesting getting full sale back, but some sort of scaling would be nice. Example: 10000 item, you can sell back and get 1000 for it or something.

3- And the item generation system?
I am a firm believe that areas and loot levels should match. If I am in a level 1-4 area, then the loot that drops should be level 1-4 and maybe a level higher, say 1-5. WhenI see a blue drop in an overrun level
16+ area and check on it and it's level 13 or something, I'm like ._. . I've always like the idea of items being in tiers; white, green, purple. The drop rates on them seem fine, assuming purples can drop and they are very rare. The only thing I would hope is that a purple would be significantly better than the same level blue and not just a small stat increase.

4- While we're on items -- what about those items?
I haven't really tested out 2h, but I know it's melee swings are conal, and that is just very strong. I would probably consider putting a damage scaling for each mob hit after the first. I don't know if that's possible, but that seems like an appropriate fix. Example: Let's say you have 3 mobs infront of you and you are targeting 1 and you sttack it. The initial blow will hit the one you target for 100 damage, the other 2 will take 50, or you can scale such as: 100 first, 75 second, 50 third. Something like that. I could right a lot about the energy idea, but it is probably too convoluted and not where you guys wanna be. Turns out this is how it works and I never tried 2h until the other night lol. Disregard.

5- And lastly -- but by no means least importantly -- skills.
As I said previously, SoD is way too powerful. It does too many things for 1 ability. It deals a decent amount of damage, applies a DoT, and let's you escape very easy and quickly. It makes a kiting strategy too efficient. I'm sure you've heard enough about it though, I can't be the only one who realizes it's power. I haven't really gotten around to testing out other abilities, since the ability set I have already is pretty much all I need to do anything without any worry.

I hope this helps.

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Edited by Calhor at 2013-3-7 11:44

Hi, guys. Just wanted to drop by and put my two cents in. The comments appear to be piling up by now, so I'm hoping you would be able to keep up.

First of all, let me begin by saying I feel the game is completely awesome, one of the best gaming experiences I've had in quite a while. I find the setting, design and gameplay extremely appealing.
Anyway, enough about that, let's begin:

1. Difficulty I find this hard to evaluate at this point, especially since I haven't actually reached all available areas in the game yet. The rise in difficulty in areas 3 and 4 is a bit sharp, but overall I believe you're doing a fine job on the difficulty balance at this point. However, as noted in some of the previous comments made by my fellow gamers, a greater skill variety for mobs and bosses would be highly appreciated. Also, monster damage should be far less consistent in my oppinion, I keep getting the same damage numbers on myself despite dealing different amounts to creatures. Bringing some randomization into monster hit values would freshen things up in my oppinion.

2. Karma I absolutely love the idea of "one currency to rule them all" as is with karma. On one hand you don't feel like your being tricked into buying virtual stuff with no inherent value that you cannot obtain in any other way, as is with most MMORPGs out there. On the other hand, you have the difficult task of balancing the value of said currency so that it's neither drastically unobtainable (which would cause riots in the streets, temple burnings, mass murders and mutulations and general discomfort), nor abundant enough to make players think they can get away with not supporting the game at all.

I've always dreaded games where you just pile up fat stacks of gold and have absolutely nothing worthwhile to use it on and if anything would like to see Karma becoming even more scarce in the future. The current balance is alright, you can grind for Karma relatively quickly, although you don't really need to, as you can do alright in the game even if your karma supply is relatively short. Also, I sincerely feel that you should give some incentive to the "can't be bothered to grind" crowd to support the game by buying karma, it's a really worthwhile product.

What I most enjoy is that karma actually has uses unlike in most similar games I've played, where most of the items that paying for with your hard earned in-game currency actually makes sense can only be paid for in real life currency and is titled "premium content". In my personal oppinion, real life money in games should be only used as a means of saving time on grinding and not buying "The Super Mega Awesome Unicorn of Doom and Rainbows with Sugar on Top" mount for the "symbolic" sum of $100 worth of made-up money.

3. Item Drops Two things.

1. I don't mind the fact that I can get a Level 15 item in Area 1 or a Level 1 item in Area 4. It acutually kind of makes more sense to me considering the fact that you are expected to grind all levels you've unlocked (since you're actually expected to clear overrun areas, you are a demon hunter after all) and thus grinding level 1 may not be a complete waste of time if you stumble upon a level 14 item with a good enchantment and you're level 13. It's fine in that regard. I don't feel equipment drops should completely scale with your current level, nor should they be completely fixed between certain levels for an area.

2. The drop rates for rares and purples seem excessively low in my oppinion, and finding an item of that rarity isn't really all that rewarding. For example, a few days ago I was grinding and in the same level I got a rare katana and a green enchanted katana. They were COMPLETELY IDENTICAL. I believe that should be addressed. Also, more varied enchantments would be highly appreciated, the most crucial one in my oppinion being DoT type bonuses such as poison.

4. Item Balance Not much to say about it, except that Duelling is currently useless as it stands. Perhaps adding a parry/miss/block chance will change that if you give duelling a good parrying bonus or something along those lines. I'm thinking some kind of defensive boost rather than offensive. Also, I'm not sure if the 2h skill actually works, because I haven't really seen how a creature looks when stunned so far. I'm not sure if I've missed it, it's still work in progress, or the chances are ridiculously minimal (even on skill level 3).

5. Skills This could take a whole day, I don't really feel like elaborating on it right now, so I'll give you the short version: Fortitude skills are overpowered. I currently play with only 2 skills because I don't really need anything else at all: Thorns and Mend. If you invest in Defense only on level up Thorns gets ridiculous damage and Mend can heal you completely in only one cast. I feel practically invulnerable with this combination against all but the strongest bosses/mini-bosses and the most overcrowded mob territories (although there is no known cure for lag of yet, that kills you every time).

That's it from me for now. I'll try to edit to the best of my ability once I get some more insight on stuff I think should change. Keep up the AWESOME work, really loving the game so far!

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Only thing I can add is Light Armor really needs a buff/change.

The main problem is the fact that the game is still fairly melee/skill oriented. You will eventually have to melee in the game while your energy bar is recharging. And w/ the very low Armor values thats tantamount to suicide for a pure Cunning build w/ Light Armor especially on boss fights. Sure you can run around and kite till the cows come home but it becomes an excercise in tediousness because your not getting that much of a benefit as the other 2 armor passives (ie. life regen and boosted energy regen). Now... if the game had ranged weapons.. then the Light Armor would be great!

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1-  difficulty?  i personally think difficulty is well settle, as far i need to level up the games where quite hardm but when you replay old satge of the game that is actually much easier, i just think you should drastically reduce exp earned by missions, since in 1 week i have already 3 char lvl 20, actually is much easy get to level 20, but count i dont know which would be the level cap ^^
Abaout bosses i believe they should be improved, with more hp or if possible to make a new challenge for any stage area with monster set by lvl of your character, so they basically become powerfull as you - about balance of melee/caster have nothing to say, just noticed that there is an area in stage 4-2 pretty thought with many poison caster i always die there, but in the end i complete it so no problem about it

2- What about karma? karma is actually good as it ism it isnt realy mucxh rewarding you need much karma to upgrade skills, to buy better gear to buy potions and stuff, i beleive is a nice choise as it is right now, maybe could be a problem if will be able to trade stuff with people, or trade karma wioth people, in that case we need to find a way to "cut" the karma created, example crafting or other ways that could allow user to use karma, after you reached cap level and capped all skills..

3- And the item generation system? actually for me i am fine with the item i can drop or i can bu  from vendor, i dont believe vendors item are useles, since just logging off and logging on you can reset vendor items, but in the end is rare that spawn good items, btw if it would be too easy.. where would be the fun ^^ - probably i'd like if there would be set & unique/legendary item also. to increase varuety and possible those having unique effects.

4- Armors.
Personally i believe that armor should be changed starting from defence, is starnge thinking on an heavy armor that give the same protection of a light armor, personally i would make the base defence of heavy armor higher than lighter armors. about bonus effects i dont yet understod if they stack if you have more parts of same type by the way xD...
about weapons i tried using 2x one hand very fast and also one 2 hand weapon i personaaly think, 2 hand weapon actually arent really fast or maybe they are fast but compared to the range of 2hand weapon i prefer 2 hand weapon since higher range & target more enemy and more effective i guess even if slower 2 hit and kill but thats me, anyway 2 hand good for bosses while 1h good vs normal mobs.

5- Skills.
skills i think there are some really good and some really bad, but thats depends by people thinking, personally i use 6-8 skill much frequently and others dont count very much, example sting shot is really powerfull, useless use the other one since it is single shot, maybe could be transformed in a "multiple shot" and keep stinger shot as it is. other skill i dont use much are the 3x skills that should buffs your other skills (i dont remember the names but i see there is one for every type of color, example the red one is "seeing red"), well i think those skill area really nice skills but they cost much mana, and last too much of short time so basically it makes them inefficent, if they would last at least 20-30 second allowing you time to regen some mana and cast some ability.. then they would become a MUST.


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RocK_M replied at 2013-3-8 15:37
Only thing I can add is Light Armor really needs a buff/change.

The main problem is the fact that t ...

the game have range weapon.. cunning have 2x bow shots xD you missed ? stinging shot is the most powerfull skill of cunning .. cant believe you missed !! xD

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Daggy replied at 2013-3-9 11:14
the game have range weapon.. cunning have 2x bow shots xD you missed ? stinging shot is the most p ...

Stinging shot is great for single monsters... completely useless against mobs and has no affect on bosses. The other ranged skill requires a charge to even be considered useful. And again both are *skills* which means you take 2-3 pot shots just to take out *one* monster out of a mob and then spend the next 10-20 seconds running around again waiting for your energy to regen =P

Not exactly very effective or useful on High/OverRun stages xD

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