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Author: Cassielle

Player Feedback Needed! Difficulty, Karma, Balance   [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-7-18 18:22:53 |Show all posts
Need more balance with Item drops,
-mostly all the items you drop are useless junk you sell off to the shop (Main Kama Shard income)
increase the droprate on Blue Items and maybe add purple Items to the dropchance! Shouldnt be a problem since most of the items you drop are junk

-cash shop equipment is not refreshing, do you know this?

-some upgrades on Items are not balanced at all, some need 8 cores from 5 to 6 and some need 0 and some need 2? (Cores are the rarest mats ingame)
Example here: "Resistances" need cores to upgrade as main ingredient LOL they are way too rare.. forget upgrading resistances ;)

-Item stat balance.. was said already 100 times no need to say much more, need to focus here to make it a better grind for item Game..

Snowfield 1. Map is way too hard on other difficulties else than Easy!
3. Boss Map is also pretty hard if you try it harder than Normal mode (The endboss fight with all the mobs spawning and slowing you)

Yurei Cavern Easy.. one of the easiest regions, Endboss easy as hell .. companion gets no damage from his Whirlwind and the boss is stunned afterwards = Companion back to full HP ~ rotate

Melon Fields 1. Map is way too hard! I don`t know what tactic you use but im Full Defensive I don`t deal much damage with spells its impossible without a 1k+ dps companion, on easy mode
when at the endboss my companion always dies to the boss and I have to hit and run with "Scream", takes ages.. feeling underpowered as Defense Character, better said useless if there wasnt my 43743 DPS companion I would have stopped playing already
other maps are fine..

Im full defensive and my damage reduction is so low 27% is not much .. my dps 248 with 2 sickles..
840 Defense // 560 Power = is only to buy upgrades and stuff?
I need really long for a monster on high threat and they hit so hard, kinda boring hacking on a "single" monster and you know he won`t drop anything :/ oonly 10 kama shards or something, aint nobody got time for that

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Post time 2013-7-19 01:15:09 |Show all posts
Increasing the drop rate of blue drops is a little dangerous. If you combine it with the buff for getting better loot, it might end in a bad way. Adding purple drops is a little too extreme as well. Doing that players wont ever pay real cash to buy purple equipment.

Cash shop not refreshing could be intentional or a bug. I have no clue which.

Sure, cores are rare, but maybe they are intended to drop more in later zones? Running mission 7-3 on Overrun gave me a huge ammount of cores from killing the boss/Futakuchi, but then again, that took nearly an hour to get through. Perhaps the Core problem could be solved by increasing the odds for them dropping in their corresponding area. As in Storm cores get increased chance in Melon Fields and Bloodroot Cemetary, and so on.
Despite endless farming, i have yet to see my first Karma core drop.

Item stat balance is indeed in need of an update/nerf/improvement. Currently, crit chance is the best thing to go for.

You need to get Skin of Stone (+50% to all resists and some ekstra defense) and be quite a bit above the recomended level. Combine it with some decent DPS and meteor rain and you should be good to go. Doing the mission on Overrun takes patience and a bit of skill with kiting mobs.
I think the game is meant to increase in difficulty in Snowfield, so i don't see why it shouldn't be hard. Afterall, the game would be too boring/short, if you could just hack and slash your way through it in no time.

Yurei Cavern
This region is in no way easy. While it is very easy on the first 2 difficulties, you will simply be raped on the last 2 difficulties. The mobs here hits for a ton, and you will pretty fast be without your companion. The endboss is kinda silly with his WhirlWind attack followed by stun, but try and stand near it on Hard/Overrun and you will regret it if you don't run.

Melon Fields
The first map is my main scource of Karma income. I run it continuesly on easy all the time, having no difficulties beating it. If you can get your companion to the last fight, you are pretty good/skilled. He usually aint meant to survive that long (often i have him die in the first or second Melon fight)
When you fight the big spawns (near the melons), just kite them around and throw meteor rain on them. You should easily be able to outrun the mobs and still throw meteors on them. Sooner or later you will have them all killed, and the boss aint that tough to fight alone.

Myself i am 870 Defense and 580 Power.
I use Meteor Rain as the first skill, Skin of Stone as second skill and Chi Mend as my third skill.
I use and recomend using 2 handed weapon. Right now i use a Claimore, but when i see a Nodochai with the right stats, i will switch to that. My reason for using two handed is the stun chance and somewhat better damage.
As for Armor, get Medium. Energy regen is by far the best to get. With a great energy regen you can throw meteors quickly after one another, and when you just want to malee you can can continuesly use Skin of Stone and Chi Mend.

Please ask more questions if you have any and i will try to answer them. I have all stars in the game, so i should be able to provide some useful suggestions for you. ;)

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Post time 2013-10-17 14:08:01 |Show all posts
The difficulty on stages 1-3 for each level is very easy, especially if you have a (summoned) partner. I'm killing minibosses in one or two hits, and normal enemies in one hit. There's no damage done to me by normal enemies which I think is a shame.

However on the most difficult setting, even when I am above the recommended level for the stage and have a partner, I end up dying multiple times and even normal enemies do me damage (my HP doesn't seem to regen on its own either). So I think the difficulty level between 1-3 needs to be made harder. I don't like playing and having absolutely no damage done to me. At the least, I don't see any difference in difficulty on levels 2 and 3 compared to level 1 even when fighting solo, so those should be increased.

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Post time 2013-10-28 22:40:44 |Show all posts
for older levels on higher difficulties: how about increasing the level range of the items dropped? doing a level that's lvl 18 recommended and picking up good greens/blues that are levels 5-10 is kind of a let down. Aside from some material drops, replaying old levels in high difficulty isn't all that appealing right now.

I think it's a great stage (esp. the 2nd map). My only problem is that I frame skip a lot thanks to caltrops (being cunning and all). had to revive my way through all the levels of Snowfield cause the item drops were no longer around my level and it seemed pretty much the only way I'd get to the next stage.

I honestly had my doubts from lvl's 10-15 on whether I should have concentrated on a another stat. But the lvl 5 skills are making Cunning par up with the other two. I think it's a very balanced class considering you can only use 3 skills and can't cast all your skills cause of the cool down reset every time you switch palettes, and can't abuse your crit: you get lower Power making dual wield passive not that attractive, as well as preventing you from having a high damage + high cit dmg combi. Two-handed mastery uses the slow-very slow weapons, meaning you can't crit as often you would and even if you did it's only a 50% increase in damage. Dueling and light armor are all about getting them in high enough levels to be able to play "the Cunning way". Dedication is the key here.

I mentioned this on another thread topic. It seems that elemental effect + stun on a weapon prevents crits from happening. Personally, I try not to use elemental effect weapons. But when you have a shock and stun with a stat booster katana, I kinda takes the fun out of it since it won't crit.

Karma Shards
Slow, if you are relying on mission rewards. But fast if your getting loot, left and right.

My main issue right now is that I frame skip a lot with caltrops, making deaths happen often. though I am learning to play long range as to not get mobbed because of it.

Overall, I love the game, love the direction it's going. Hoping that we can level up weapons aside from enchanting them. and maybe a boss marathon level (with increasing drops the longer we go)?

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Post time 2014-1-1 00:55:07 |Show all posts
Edited by Anthonius at 2014-1-1 03:31

My main objections to the game:

- Chain kills seem to give almost the same xp on easy and overrun, which makes playing on overrun almost useless. On easy, for example, you get 1000 mission reward xp and about 4-5k from chains; on overrun, you get 4k reward xp and 1-2k from chains.

- Can't find that damned ghostclaw agent.

- The bloodfang mission in the temple courtyard is ridiculously hard. I completed the next 3 missions on overrun before I could complete that one (also on overrun).

- It's very hard to find loot your level.

- The masteries for cunning are useless. I use medium armor and would use dual wield if I wouldn't have spent so much karma on dueling upgrades. Also, you lack any healing skill.

- Sometimes the ability triangle shows some abilities, but when I press the corresponding key it uses an ability from the next/previous triangle.

- The descriptions for abilities don't contain any useful information like energy cost or damage.
- Chef Morton or however can be stunned. He's only Wanted, however.

- When you get close to some bosses they simply miss every hit and you can simply click auto-attack and do something else.

I love this game and can't wait to see it complete!

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