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Author: vir0m

Balance Issues with Guild PvE Bosses [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-7-2 21:35:59 |Show all posts
Hey, just did 2 positive run on vortex. Healing bug seems fixed. Can someone confirm?

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Post time 2015-7-3 04:32:53 |Show all posts
Worked for me just now.

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Post time 2015-7-3 06:14:15 |Show all posts
pretty much pointless to try with even end game teams let alone other power level of teams....

If I understand correctly some end game guilds are progressing through raids...but if the difficulty remains unchanged these raids cater to the elite top tier only..
Sooner or later all guilds whom plan to raid will be forced into the hardcore niche where only the elite are welcome.. Players with less than elite teams and/or lack the ability to play every day will be a liability..

As of now I see no value in guilds for the average player..and certainly see no point for such players donating/leveling up guilds..

I urge the development team to re-inspect how the guild PVE system works with all players, not just the elite..or let us know it was intended as end game content for the elite..

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Post time 2015-7-3 08:54:32 |Show all posts
Goddwyn replied at 2015-7-3 05:14
If I understand correctly some end game guilds are progressing through raids...but if the difficul ...

My team (water)  does 70-110 mill / attack...on all bosses except for Ocypete (about 200-240 mill there)

and QQ.... who I can kill with 2 hits.

That includes Fire Lubu...who completely destroys my end game water team. (and drops Chary shards)

I have not picked up a shard/material in over a week as to do that u need to kill a boss, and obviously no one leaves a boss with less than 100 mill......so what happens is we all wait around see if a boss will go down in health (usually they sit around 600-500mill, as this is where UT and NQ don't work) before using our hits.....etc etc...if it doesnt then we either waste our hits before going to sleep for the night or as most of us seem to be doing not even waste the time it takes to use up those hits.

End game/Med game/beginners (no one is enjoying the situation)....  Guild PVE is broken..... even if it is not bugged. Exercise in futility, very boring and even with shard drops being increased...its not important since the bosses are not being killed enough to make any difference.

  What needs to be done about it .......lots! What IS being done about it.............??????

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Post time 2015-7-3 09:58:41 |Show all posts
Fix what??? Everything is working well and perfect in GUILD .... AT LEAST SOMEONE THINKS SO

And how come lately every maintenance comes with a new issue within the game... my Arena shop is all packed in one corner of the screen since coming off maintenance!!! and yes I submitted a ticket.

I thought they were suppose to re-organize the shops and move shards accordingly and available as well as disciples... I also notice augment material for +9 in GUILD but don't see under what boss.

When are we going to be able to sell shards... cause I have plenty that just keep stacking up and will never use...

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Post time 2015-7-3 10:40:35 |Show all posts
Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-7-5 00:44
Goddwyn replied at 2015-7-3 06:14
If I understand correctly some end game guilds are progressing through raids...but if the difficul ...

I agree...

It shouldn't be for end gamers and elite only, it has shards for characters just to hit LVL3+ so come on SH, what's going on!!!
It shouldn't be this hard to fix!!!!



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Post time 2015-7-7 19:52:07 |Show all posts
Only posting comment and it it mostly the same as far as all, please fix the difficulty on guild bosses per guild rating or however they can figure that out. Because even though I'm only supporting best 2 decent cards  +5 Gorgon with little over 30kdps and just a +1Fallen Caedea with 20ishk dps and FA with fear and healer cardea with heals even though only 25 never needed before they did the mass increase. I die on Golru who was best  boss on dmg meter I was putting out at +1.5-2 hundred million and lucky to do 30 thousand.  So pretty much my team is useless. Still any idea on this fix?

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Post time 2015-7-7 20:58:00 |Show all posts
Please use more commas and periods, i don't understand your question. Boss are currently harder, no way to fix with team shaping. There is the green labeled thread now.

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