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Author: Necalan

Guild Auction is horrible! [Copy link]

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necalan for president

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i actually find hexicoins useless bec of the useless auction items..

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Edited by azanimefan at 2015-7-12 11:06

I've all but given up on guilds.  it's boring to play, the rewards are non-existent.... and when you're not in an elite level guild you don't see progression at all.  there is nothing wrong with the guild i'm in.  personally i think we have elite some players in it, and some players on the edge of being elite.  but i figure its a matter of time before they migrate to a stronger guild as it takes multiple days to kill any of the bosses, with zero real reward coming from it.  
heck some of the stronger guilds have already pinged me to see if i'll swap over.  and i'm not even close to elite.  (though i am top 5 or so in my guild), so i know the top dogs are getting recruitment requests.  I've been tempted, but at this point guild play is so pointless i don't see the value in even playing in my guild let alone someone else's

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Despite the more bosses killed in a major guild you may not improve your current situation and probably would get worst. Less hexi due to lower ranking and probably higher bidding values. You may also need to donate much more.
Although i agree with you for guild mechanics.

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