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Attack skills and boss def [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-7-2 14:27:12 |Show all posts
Hello, curious since day one, I finally run a test to understand how attack skills actually work.
I think the best way is to run a single card deck, to be able to recognize the skill from the autoattack, without the mess of multiple attackers. Never did before because afraid to waste a rood with such deck, mare is too hard, afraid to waste battle in arena, never worried to try a level cause too long and too much enemies.
Guild pve offer this opportunity since if you quit, you don't waste the attempt.
My target was barbas, with my mobile account: teffy + healer.
Most of you would already know, but I write results for anyone else. Then I have a couple of questions.
The autoattack shots do exactly my "attack" (devilblood page) damage plus 30% of elemental advantage.
Hydra lvl 9 (+100% elem att in certain range) damage is 100% base + skill%, in my case 200% of my "attack".
Swamp lvl 9 (trap 60% for 6s) do 60% of my "attack" multiple times. I counted 6 ticks, so I guess it is 1 tick/s.
According to sheet, swamp lvl 10 lasts for 6.5s, but basically I assume there will not be a 7th tick. Am I right?
Proud of my work only later I found a discrepancy: the computation is correct if barbas has 0 def. Am I missing something obvious? Do raid bosses too haven't def? Wb for sure has some def since non nm cards hit him for 0.
Thank you.

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Post time 2015-7-2 16:03:35 |Show all posts
Thx for the info!! Looks like I wasted time leveling up FA sunder armor skill for the gPvE..

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Post time 2015-7-2 16:35:11 |Show all posts
Without doing any testing myself, I'd suggest the Defence exists but is quite low - because of how defence works, the variance in your attack hits, would likely be bigger on a dps card like tefnut, than the defence would block, anyway.

I.e, something less than 10K is pretty much the same as 0K,

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Post time 2015-7-2 17:40:02 |Show all posts
just an observation...
I do not yet have any NM cards but do some damage to WB...
not much I admit but not 0 either...

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Post time 2015-7-13 02:25:39 |Show all posts
raid bosses don't have defense, never have (that i recall)

the Defense stat is for PvP and mitigating PvE damage received, it's passive damage mitigation.  the higher your defense stat the lower the damage you receive.  so your sunder armor skill is useful for for PvP, not much else.

That said, active defense skills tend to be many times more effective then hitpoint and the defense stat itself.  For example, sanctuary or invulnerability are fantastic... as for a more tanky defense skill, shield wall really is pretty amazing fully evolved as well.  

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