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Event Suggestion - Forge Goblin [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-7-21 02:52:11 |Show all posts
After looking at my inventory of discs I noticed that many of them aren't even close to being useable with in my teams due to a lack of decent equips. And since R4 shards drop very infrequently (I expect to complete one never at current rate), even on double days, I propose the following raid event: the Forge Goblin
Search high and low throughout Hell to find and attack the Forge Goblin. A successful raid against him will drop random R4 shards found in Hellforge. Ranked rewards can be as follows:

Top 10: 4 random R4 event equips (1 helm, 1 weapon, 1 ring, 1 necklace) + DB
Top 50: 2 random R4 event equips + DB
Top 100: 1 random R4 event equip + DB
Top 200: 1 random R4 Hellforge equip + DB
Top 800: 1 random R3 Hellforge equip + DB

Other rewards can be filled in for other ranks.

This is just a starting point for discussion. I don't want to make the rewards too generous but I don't want to make them too stingy either. I definitely feel there is a lack of availability on decent equips, especially in the R4 region, unless copious amounts of gold are spent. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Post time 2015-7-21 03:08:03 |Show all posts
Speaking as a player, I like the Forge Goblin concept - there's been a few ideas tossed around for an equip event, and to be honest, a raid event sounds like one of the better ones to me (including my own, which was an island event).

Based on the shop prices, i think a prize of 4 event equips might be too high - that's 20k gold worth of value. Raids cost 100 gold to summon, but of course can spawn for free too, or be hit from friends' list.

Probably 1 or 2at most, is the number I think would get most traction with SH and be most balanced, but I don't know.

The HF drops is a nice touch, since the HF rate is so low, and they are not in shops anymore *cheers*

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Post time 2015-7-22 01:32:39 |Show all posts
stunner400 replied at 2015-7-21 04:53
How about making some use of our exchange stones by allowing us to swap R3 equipments for 1 random s ...

I'd like to see that as an option available at all times. Or, at the least, the ability to use convert stones to smash R3s into R4 shards of the same type. I think SH would be more likely to do that than do a 5 to 1 convert.

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Post time 2015-7-22 01:38:04 |Show all posts
Belzial replied at 2015-7-21 03:08
Speaking as a player, I like the Forge Goblin concept - there's been a few ideas tossed around for a ...

That's a fair point. Although, the gold will probably flow freely with four event equips as the prize

Balancing the rewards will be the hardest part of this event type since I'd like everyone in the top 2000 to get something, similar to how the events rewards are structured now, but it's pretty easy to go overboard rather quickly.

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Post time 2015-7-22 06:38:45 |Show all posts
I endorse this idea.

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Post time 2015-7-23 19:46:17 |Show all posts
Good idea.

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Post time 2015-8-7 02:25:58 |Show all posts
Great idea Net.  

I would be ok if the drops are only HF shards too.  They aren't up to par with the 5K Gold Event shards, but are definitely useful on secondary disciples.  

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