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Mineral Drop - sorta fixed [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-7-28 21:28:14 |Show all posts
Hello SH.

Thank you for partially fixing the mineral drops on last island.  Lildim is dropping 1 mineral / 15 hope.  So at least i can slowly grind augment mats again.

However, can you balance it more to match the other element 20/hope locations with regards to EP and multiple Mineral drops?

Irkalla is still random, which was the location for wind to do this.  I understand and agree with it being a random location, but wind needs a new location to match the other 3 element locations.


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Post time 2015-7-29 07:28:19 |Show all posts
I agree. I'm aware that wind got a good advantage these months since irkalla was only wind, but now wind will get a forever drawback if 1-2 mineral for 20 hope will not get back.
Talking in chat about this topic and i heard different good (?) solutions.
1. Rotate elements according to the event.
2. Fixed material for sakkutar, kurnam, abgal, irkalla, with same ep as irkalla.

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Post time 2015-7-31 12:15:08 |Show all posts
Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-7-30 21:22

Yes, Wind is at a disadvantage grinding t2 shards. The suggestion that they make the last 4 areas equal EP was shot down. This was the best comprise they were willing to do - making only Irkalla random. Don't know why they got crazy for a minute and did the whole last area random, especially 4-1.
Other alternatives took even more work and had more room for screw ups - like rotating by event, which I personally think isn't a bad idea. I was pretty attached to equal EP though, myself.

Anyway, this is how it's likely to stay.

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Post time 2015-7-31 19:58:55 |Show all posts
Lildim is dropping 1 mineral / 15 hope.  So at least i can slowly grind augment mats again.

If you want to farm augment materials, you can always farm on the first island. It takes 5 hope for 1 mat.
Farming there takes away the chance of ranking high on the event. Guess it's your choice.

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Post time 2015-8-2 07:07:45 |Show all posts
4-1 lildim random and i just can trash my wind deck. Lildim still fixed to one wind t2, i'm not happy, but at least i can grind materials, though with a different chance compared to every other elements.
Spira i wish i can grind first island for high augments...

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