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Concerning Evolving [Copy link]

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Hey guys. First time on this thread and this question may have been addressed multiple times in the past so excuse the potentially unintensional repetition. My question is what is the ideal way to evolve your character and attain max stats. Is it better to level all cards to 25 first then evolve? Does it not matter when you evolve your cards? & would augmenting or leveling up your cards with demon blood matter prior to evolution. Thanks for your time.

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Post time 2015-7-29 06:34:28 |Show all posts
[(lvl1 x lvl 1) x(lvl1 x lvl1)] x[(lvl1 x lvl 1) x(lvl1 x lvl1)]

Then level up the final card to lvl 25
Then NE
Then level to 30
Then augment
Then Devil Blood
But that's just to minimize the needed feeder cards for leveling. The augment and db can be done at any point in time. The nightmare evolve can't be done until they are max evolved and level 25.

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As long as you feed only your evolving disc it doesn't really matter what evolve order you go in. It's the same amount of XP for a level 1 evo3 to reach 25 as it is for an evo 0 to hit 25.

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