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Author: tokay

Critical Announcement - Last Days of Eternity [Copy link]

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Indeed, I have said some things that I wish I hadn't and must also offer my gratitude to Spicy Horse for developing what is, and likely will be for some time (even without ongoing development) the best CCG game to date in terms of play-ability. Sure there are certain things that needed fixing and ironing out but I perceived the potential of this game to grow into a type of dungeons and dragons style of gaming where instead of a little 6 island map there was an ongoing journey that could continually be expanded upon. I certainly had high hopes for guild PvP - again so much potential to make something great. It is indeed sad news that there will be no further development and that this potential epic title will eventually die off. As Goddwyn mentioned I never saw any recruiting drives fr the gate which would likely have generated additional interest. Like Goddwyn I stumbled across this game by chance and stopped playing Legend of the Cryptids (which is an enormously successful CCG) due to the gate having superior game-play.

Tokay or whoever makes the decisions I hope that you may be in a better position soon to reconsider. At least please consider bringing back the free arena to your loyal player base

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Still got to figure out a couple of things about how the game will be left.

Off the top of my head (and in no way a guarantee of what will happen)
* Event Island will stay open for material farming, but of course no EP or rewards will be generated.
* PvP will remain as it is for people to still be able to fight for shop goodies
* It 'might' be an idea to let battle scroll usage be for all players
* Also, maybe an idea to have one final Uber PvP shop card too?  I dunno.
* Guild PvE, Hell Forge, Isla Mare and Normal mode will all remain the same with 'perhaps' some tweaks to drop rates and such.

Like i said, just off the toip of my head, in a month or so, I'm certain we'll sit down here and look at the assets we have left and figure out an EXACT end date and plan for the final patch.

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FlightTribe replied at 2015-8-13 10:58
Still got to figure out a couple of things about how the game will be left.

Off the top of my head  ...

tis is, at least to a certain extend, a somewhat good news, if the game is left as it is at current state, pretty sure any loyal player would hav lost interest real soon as there would b no progress in anyway let alone enjoyable to say the least

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FlightTribe replied at 2015-8-13 10:58
Still got to figure out a couple of things about how the game will be left.

Off the top of my head  ...

Is there any possibility that the free arena would be brought back? With cool down periods so that it is fair for all players and not just players that have uber attack cards,

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Edited by hoppopoe2 at 2015-8-13 12:28

Im not going to pull my punches just because u guys banned my other account. I warned people earlier from playing anything produced by your company because if you cant make the gate work then I highly doubt you will be able to make anything else work.

I have tried a number of mobile games and the gate is by far the best I have played. It is the only mobile game I play and the only one I have spent money on. I think you guys did a great job creating this game but you have done a lousy job marketing it and managing it. I don't know the gaming industry so perhaps you are restricted through your DENA contract or some other reasons prevent you from making better decisions for the game.

I highly doubt the answer for your company is to make a 'hit game' like you mentioned earlier. THE GATE IS ALREADY A HIT GAME. You need to look to other avenues to become successful. Marketing, and managing are the keys. You guys sucked at making good game decisions. You could have done SO MANY things to make yourselves and the customers happier. For example, you could have charged players gold to remove equipment. Win win for both people. You know full well this would have generated a ton of money as many players (myself included) would have paid a lot of gold for this option. Following through on pvp. This was the addition many were expecting and hoping for instead of the retarded guilds you guys made. Tons of other ideas were given to you which would have retained and attracted new players but I will stop at these two for the sake of brevity.

Anyway, I hope that somehow you guys can change your tune and make the Gate work, otherwise I highly doubt you will make anything work. If you dont like this post then deal with it. You are a company, I invested in you and you let myself and many other spending players down. I have a right to criticize you. Im not going to thank you for going under. Fix the gate and then I will thank you. With words and money.

PS dont delete this or i will keep making more accounts

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Post time 2015-8-13 12:58:37 |Show all posts
they've probably had their own debate for awhile before reaching tis decision, so i doubt your opinion will make them change their mind, not anytime soon at least

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Spike13 replied at 2015-8-12 18:27
We should confer to Spicy Horse the Darwin Award

After year of foolish decisions they have ended st ...

excellent comment. you just summed up the cause of the game's demise. .

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it is never that simple

game companies don't deliberately sit and work out how to kill a concept  etc-

they will look at figures, stuff like player retention and player spent and trends there- we don;t know those figures

When the figures  show need for changes/new challenges etc they will try to put that in place- but as all things- it is hard to see up front  what will work and what not and if you are on the brink- the price of missing a stroke is crashing in the banks

If the game was their "hit" - then we wouldnt be at this point-  some players might consider the game a hit but obviously the greater playerbase didn't  or could not get reached  and player retention also shows it was not the hit they hoped

sitting at the sideline and second guessing is easy - making the tough calls and decisions what route to go  is much harder esp when the outcome of development ideas  cant really be envisaged  up front

They probably made mistakes that didn't help  but all game developers make mistakes- even on the most succesful titles -  

basically the road from a great idea to a great game is  narrow rocky and has many pitfalls

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Post time 2015-8-13 16:32:58 |Show all posts

Stop spreadding lies about us going out of business and we'll stop deleting your accounts.  Simples.

The fact is that we're not, no matter what you've googled, but you telling people this could potentially harm us financially as people avoid other of our products.  Hence banning and deletion.   

So you want to spout off half-arsed facts you got off Kotaku, go do it elsewhere.  You want to discuss the current Gate situation with your fellow players in a calm and adult way, go right ahead.

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Post time 2015-8-13 16:55:56 |Show all posts
To be clear - The Gate was a "hit" by most measures. What didn't work was our publishing deal.

70% of "your" money went to the publisher. They controlled UA - how it was spent, on what kinds of players, in what territories. We had no control over this and no visibility into it. Yeah, a better deal would have been nice, but you take what you can get - and that's the deal we could get.

Those of you second guessing how/why we did what we did, you quite literally have no idea what you're talking about because you have *zero* visibility into our constraints: costs, revenue streams, investor relationships, contracts, and other variables. You're wasting your breath and everyone else's time.

But hey, if you're so brilliant about all of this - raising money, negotiating deals, managing production, designing games - GO DO IT ON YOUR OWN. Stop wasting time here on the Internet *telling* everyone how smart/great you are. Show us! FFS.

Oh, you're still here? Well, while you continue keyboard-backseat-driving... we're going to get on with the production and launch of the next 4 games we already have in the pipeline. Games that our investors have committed to supporting the development of. Games that take all the mistakes we've made and lessons we've learned and try to present something new and better. Will it work? Who knows?! But I know this... our real-world attempts have a much better chance of doing *something* than your Internet shit-talk.

How's that for not pulling punches, hoppopoe2?

At the end of the day, I'm taking the real-world dollar investments being made into our company as the indicators of the value and knowledge we're building. You can't see it? OK, great. Keep typing away! Meanwhile, we've got monetary support, a team, and a plan. I'll take that any day over your uninformed, worthless criticism.

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