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Author: Apie

Recent Game Changes - OCT2015  Close [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-11-6 10:09:24 |Show all posts
Edited by Apie at 2015-11-6 12:13

alright, enough circle jerking around. many players have voiced their concerns here.
None of the issues we have brought up are being addressed.
looks like nothing is going to be achieved here
Edit: Well looks like the thread is now closed. Not surprised given how Flight Tribe did say this patch was like a tough pill to swallow. Voice of the customer completely ignored once again with no attempt to address the increased grind issue.

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Expecially when you're just being picky about the wording of something that was extremely clear.
Anyway, before we go off tangent any further into the realm of grammar and spellings and wurdz n' stuff, it seems everyone has said their piece about the initial subject, so I'll lock this down.

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