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HoN own spirit [Copy link]

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Hi !

This is a topic i would like to discuss with SH but as I am not the only player and certainly not the most creative and smart one, I decided to open a post in the forum more than a ticket.

As an old TG player, I 'm very pleased and enjoy a lot HoN. On guild aspect as on many game play aspects like game balance, i fell that NoN is a real good surprise and better than TG. But something is missing, something that could make the game even greater : it is the HoN special spirit.

In many aspect, HoN should not take the vocabulary and the pictures of TG... For what i have understood, HoN is turn on guild and dark creatures called heroes of night. So those are very small proposal I suggest humbly :

Front page :
- Mare should change of name... no one want a guild creature be called like a female horse in HoN : ideas are wellcome
- Home should be name "Headquarter" or more guild way : ideas are wellcome
- Guild menu should be put in second between story and "mare" menu, or better in first in the front page

Gold menu :
- Devil's Gold Cache should change of name : ideas are wellcome

Shop menu :
- the 1000 virago should have an other price than 666...

Story menu :
- I dont really konw what are the meaning of the name of each stage... perhaps there is just no need to change that but the maps of each stage should be change : perhaps pictures of towns or country, or war guild pictures, ideas are wellcome.

Guild menu :
- The name of the hiearchy should be change... overloard, brute and so one don't ring well with HoN and guilds : ideas are wellcome
- Hexi and Kabal name should perhaps be change too : ideas are wellcome

Mare menu :
- mares captured could be renamed : something like "recruted" or "hired"... ideas are wellcome
- devilblood should be renamed : ideas are wellcome
- virago should perhaps be renamed too : ideas are wellcome

Multiplayer menu :
- the menu should be renamed with something like "guild war" or "battleship" : ideas are wellcome
- the devil's mines could be renamed in the same way as devil blood
- lost island should have a map of an island

That is it. Fell free to participate and thanks to Zen Desk for reading this. HoN should really have his own spirit at my humble opinion

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Post time 2015-11-6 00:29:46 |Show all posts
So, basically "Wah they arent being creative enough and should change everything" is what Im seeing. Why should they? They kept the same level layout for Chains, certainly changed a few things "Mares" were Demons and had the whole hell vibe, but that aside that was fine. Nobody had issues with this in Chains so why should it be an issue with Heroes?

What you are asking is basically for them to rename the entirety of the game, for no real reason other than it fits YOUR aesthetic. Personally I dont give a shit what they are called, I dont see a reason to try to fix what isnt broken.

(I also dont entirely trust the Dev teamt to do that)

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Well, I think there is a happy middle ground here.
Some of the stuff probably should be renamed to fit the less hellish and more dreamy nature of the story.
However sure not all of the things  

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Post time 2015-11-7 03:59:01 |Show all posts
Edited by voeuxpieux at 2015-11-6 21:00

Haha ! 142673, i am playing to SH games for more than 2 years now and i am pretty enjoying it. The gate was great but i fell like HoN is even better !  And i am well aware about all their maters and what they can / cannot do.
What i just suggest here is to make the background a little more special by just customize the game. No doing a story line, not changing the 3D or so. I am pragmatic too... in fact just adjust the vocabulary could be enough :-) and if they have time to change some background pictures, well perhaps it could be more struture and so attract more players.

And FlightTribe wrote it above: those are just ideas where a happy middle can be found... well those are cherry on the cake !

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Post time 2016-1-13 11:01:12 |Show all posts
Edited by wcherbear at 2016-1-12 19:02

Tbh, I think you made a really good point. I started TG last week and HoL today, and for some reasons I like it much more than TG. I'm not saying TG is bad though, this is just my personal preference. I certainly would love to see this game have more of its own spirit, or, as FlightTribe said, the "dreamy nature" of this game stands out more.
On an unrelated note, I really cannot see why someone will be offended by this post. There is a reason why this is "Suggestions/Bugs", not "Requirements from users that SH HAS TO fulfill". The author is merely suggesting some changes. Sure, those are a lot of suggestions, but SH is under no obligation to take them if they don't think them appropriate/possible. It's another story if someone is like spamming the forum shouting "SH HAS TO CHANGE THIS OR ELSE I'LL QUIT OR STH".

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