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What akaneiro really needs [Copy link]

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-A non linear storyline. If the storyline is linear, then no one is gonna read it, pay attention to it... (im not anyways) and it makes the game that much more boring. The game is a grindfest as is

-More variety. One strategy will get you through the whole game... needless to say, that isnt too good

-Puzzles. I know this sounds weird, but mazes, trap doors, dead ends and the like will make the game a lot more interesting (little big planet for example)

-Action. Akaneiro is more of a grpg than an arpg at the moment... more lighting effects, bigger risks in dying, one time missions, randomly generated missions (this is possible, i have seen it before)(if you played dragonfable, there is a 100 room randomly generated dungeon, full of PORTALS that lead to other rooms, so no, its not an entire map thats randomly generated, but premade rooms randomy pathed)

-Higher replay value. Again, this is simply to ensure that the game does not get too grindy

anything else i can think of

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I agree with almost every Point there but I guess it's just a matter of Budget. Spicy Horse is a small Indie Studio and they needed to do a Kickstarter for things like Co-Op and Crafting so they probably would love to implement most of the things you're asking for but cut them some slack. Maybe with the additional Kickstarter Money they will have the Funds to add a Story or more Variety in the Quests (Puzzles, Traps, Random Missions during the Quests). Also the Game just went live a couple Days ago so you should give them some time to develope a strong Community and get some steady income to be able to make Akaneiro better in the long Run.

Remember, no Game (especially MMOS) are perfect at the beginning. They are like good Wine that needs good care and some time to develope it's taste ;). Well let's hope that it's going to be a Wine worth drinking after a couple of Months.

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