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Author: abuzr

Undocumented updates [Copy link]

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abuzr replied at 2013-2-7 07:14
" How to get a reply quickly "
Make notes easily available. I'm not giving my money to a team who wo ...

At least pretend to be polite.

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My respect is earned; not given. So far only a couple of people who've posted in this thread have earned my respect and therefore my politeness. Think about that before you demand something from me. Not singling anyone out. I think you guys do that well enough on your own.

thank you again to those of you who have responded with coherent and well thought out posts. I appreciate the time you took to reply.

I understand that making a game can be quite tedious and sometimes a little bit insane, but I've been around long enough and contracted enough times to know that update logs practically write themselves. I, like every other person who has contributed their own dollars, deserve to see how our money is being used. Based on what I've read I can safely assume that this won't be happening all the time so I'm willing to hang in there. for now.

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he wants his money back ?  DIDN'T SIGN ANY CONTRACTS

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seriously what happened to this new generation of kids?

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